Recommend a good less expensive paint

Kristen HallockJune 19, 2013

We are remodeling our kitchen. The sheetrock will be done this week and then I need to paint and prime.

I need to do the ceiling and my husband just wants a regular white ceiling. Is there a product that primes and paints all in 1? Or should I do it separately? Also, can you recommend a good paint & primer? I usually buy Benjamin Moore but I dont feel like spending $50+ per gallon on a basic white ceiling paint. Is Behr or Valspar any good?

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Paint and primer are two separate entities, with different functions. Primer is also generally less expensive than paint, so it is more economical to use a coat of primer than an extra coat of paint. Brand new drywall is going to take a coat of primer, plus multiple coats of paint. Get tinted primer for your walls, if they will have much color. A good paint store will help you. I have a Ben Moore store down the block - I use them for everything.

I consider the cost of good paint to be a very good investment. The biggest time factor of a good paint job is the prep, which is independent of paint. A high quality paint will cover better, look better, and last longer than cheap paint, and may require fewer coats. The incremental cost of a few gallons of paint is pretty small, compared to other kitchen remodel expenses.

And just as important as good paint is good quality rollers and brushes. My brother's wife is a house painter, and she has had some brushes for decades. Money spent on quality tools is a good investment.

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I agree with other post. Look for coupons and sales for bm and Sw. Sw always has a coupon for $10 off $50 purchase. Ive had great success with the super paint and harmony, and harmony barely smells like paint. As far as ceiling paint, the zinsser ceiling paint that goes on pink and dries white worked great in my bathrooms. Easy to apply. If budget really is an issue, ive heard good things about Tru Value and Ace hardware paints. When in doubt behr premium paint and primer is ok, but thick. I personally dont care for Valspar. It was too runny for me and color wasnt consistent.

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BM has a basic flat ceiling paint, not as expensive as regular paint because its performance needs are different, but I don't know the price.

Any of BM's paints above their contractor grade should be good. I believe I was told all other than those were considered to be premium. He did say the contractor stuff was you know what.

Good paint is worth it and not worth it to skimp on quality. Of course, you don't have to buy top of the line!

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Zinsser 123 is a good general purpose primer I get at the big box (Menards) for $16 per gallon. The primer is pretty important for homeowner painters because it seals the surface so that when you apply your finish coat, it's easier because the paint isn't sinking into porous drywall....instead it is gliding over a sealed surface. You shouldn't need to spend $50 per gallon on ceiling paint if you are painting with flat. The Emerald ceiling paint at Sherwin Williams is pretty good and I think that retails for under $30 per gallon. Also, the Super Spec at Benjamin Moore isn't a bad ceiling paint which you can probably also get for under $30.

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DIYer here. I like and use Behr Premium Plus Ultra (about $35 gallon). For bare sheetrock, I use a primer first.

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IMO - most primer is useless - it's nothing more than paint.

I've used Valspar paint with good results.

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Lori A. Sawaya

IMO - most primer is useless - it's nothing more than paint.

I don't agree.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

IMO - most primer is useless - it's nothing more than paint.

I don't agree.

NOBODY should agree with that totally false statement!

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Yeah...the people who KNOW what the H#ll they're talking about here are laughing their arsses off now...including ME!

Comments like GB's, made "in front of" people who HAVE the knowledge, just expose the true idiocy of the person commenting.

1) Buy a good primer like 123, & apply a full coat, to a DUST-FREE & DRY wall.
2) Apply TWO finish-coats of a better-quality paint WITH good tools, and you're golden!!


DON'T EVEN THINK of using a cheap roller-cover!!!
Use ONLY one of these: Purdy White-Dove, 3/8" nap; Wooster Pro-Dooz, 3/8" nap; or a Corona Ultraweave 3/8" nap.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Well, Faron, I will argue the 3/8 part. I never( very rarely) use them. I go 1/2 or 3/4 99% of the time. Now, I do this for a living, so maybe that makes a difference.

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Yea, it does. Most paint store people will recommend 1/2" nap to a painter and then will turn around and recommend a 3/8" nap to a DIY'er. It makes sense. You can end up with an ugly wall with a bigger nap if you don't know how to spread it out properly

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Kristen Hallock

Thank You!. I guess I will try hitting SW or BM today or tomorrow.

faron79 - Can I buy one of those roller covers at SW or BM?

I've painted plenty of times before but I dont have much experience painting new drywall.

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If you're stil looking, I've only used SW and tried PPG Manor Hall this time for the kitchen. Both look great, PPG was a little less $. If you take the time to prep well, use a decent paint, and use good tools it should come out great. I always do two coats too, two thin coats to me look much better than one thick coat trying to cover properly.

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I am certainly no expert, but I have been using Behr paints for decades and until I got on this site, I thought IT was the cream of the crop! lol The trim on my house, all the bedrooms etc, were painted 16 years ago and it still looks good.

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Well Cn-

Wasn't trying to trump you on roller-depth at all! As PG suggests, I WOULDN'T pair a 3/4" nap roller with a rookie painter...especially for walls!

Many painters'-by-trade like a thicker cover...less reloading-time. Time IS MONEY. It DOES require experience, as stated above, to lay out a nice EVEN coat with a thick cover. Myself, I can't stand 3/4" covers!

Yes, the Purdy & Wooster should be there. Corona's are harder to run down!


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Valspar, but not from Lowes.

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Holly- Kay

KH, Before you purchase SW make sure you ask if their 40% off is still scheduled for mid July. I read that it will be, I think, July 19-22. If so you can save enough money to do the top of the line Emerald paint ( I think that's what it is called). Good luck with your search and I sure hope the sale dates are correct.

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