Difference between Juno and Halo recessed light: xpost

rjr220February 24, 2010

Could someone tell me what the difference between Juno and Halo recessed light are? Other than money? I am looking at recessed lights for my kitchen. I've been looking at 6" recessed lights. There's been a discussion in which I have learned much about using Alzak Wheat Haze trims, which seem to only be available thru Juno (maybe I'm wrong on that) -- and about the potential of using Halo cans with Juno trims. I've caught on that using the wheat haze decreases the reflection, and makes the lights less noticeable.

Since this discussion, I've been looking up at recessed lights. I've found that I haven't been noticing lights with clear reflectors (until I started looking for them) --so, I can reason using clear reflectors instead of the wheat haze. Using Halo with clear trims is greatly less $$ than Juno cans and trims. So, why do people go with Juno over Halo? I just don't know if there is something that I am obviously overlooking while I ponder this lighting question. Is it like the difference between a GE and a Miele induction cooktop? They both get the work done, but one with a bit more finesse?

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Remodelfla? You're up--you've got all the information!

(I would search for remodelfla's thread about this from last week--it was really good and lots of information)

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That is the thread I'm referring to -- it really doesn't say what the difference is between Halo and Juno.

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I know what you mean. We have Halo in our kitchen. I really wanted the Wheat trim, at the time we didn't know you couldn't get the alzak wheat for them. (We bought the housings first, planning on getting the trim later).

You wrote that you xposted this...I assume on the lighting forum. They are very very helpful there.

I wonder if Juno just has more options.

Didn't someone post that they put th Juno trims in their Halo lights?

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I don't know if I can help but I'll try. I just spent a ridiculous amount of money ordering 5" Juno housings and the wheat/haze trims... plus dimmers and bulbs. I ordered from Laner cause I found they by far had the best prices. Why Juno? Just cause the reserach I did indicated they were the best housings and I knew i wanted the wheat/haze trims. I don't know if they are really better and didn't know that I could use the Juno trims on Halo lights. Either way, it's a done deal for me so I'm not going to think about the extra money spent and I'm onto the next thing.

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There isn't really a difference in the cans themselves. I'm just finishing the 6" pots lights in our kitchen and family room. For the kitchen I bought Halos from HD and when removing the existing 6" lights ( had to be reconfigured for the new kitchen layout ) I discovered that I had Junos in the old kitchen which I have now used in the family room. I found the Halos easy to install as they have these quick connects for the wiring connections which speeds up the install. Like you, and everyone else, I haven't decided on trim yet. Having said that, either manufacturer's trim will work in the other's can.

Hope that helps

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We've now had recessed lights for 2+ years. While I like the lighting, I'm really surprised with how frequently the bulbs need replacing and how expensive the bulbs are. I wish I had done research about bulb life before deciding on the fixtures. It's my understanding that I need to only use a certain type of bulb which is running about $7/bulb.

In contrast, we installed some small eyeball ceiling lights to highlight artwork that haven't yet burned out.

I know this is off topic, but, wanted to warn others to ask about bulb replacement needs. When you have a lot of recessed lighting, this can really get pricey.

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We were told by lighting "expert" that it's not the best idea to mix Juno trim with Halo cans-reasons given were not perfect fit, etc. I didn't get the sense that it couldn't be done, just not advised and that could be that you have to shell out more $$ for total Juno pkg. The person who mixed Juno trim with some other brand cans that answered remodelfla's post used 6"-don't know if one size would be better to mix it up than another?? We have decided to go with 5" as our kitchen is on the small size.

We are almost ready to place our order but am going to wait to see what response you get to this post.

If we decide to stick with Juno we will order from laner.com as they have the best price. General consensus is the alzak wheat haze trim is best which you can only get from Juno.

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Thanks to all -- and remodelfla -- I understand about the decision process. I have just about everything decided, and now that I've decided on knobs and pulls, I don't want to see another type.

Your thread was so timely for me, because the recessed lights were (are) the next learning experience. I had no clue. I thought cans were cans were cans. Where ever I walk now, I'm looking up -- and seeing lights I never knew existed.

So, Remodelfla, what decision is next on your list?

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I'm waiting on a bid from lighting Universe for all the lighting for the rest of my home. Huge (to me) order and oodles of money. I'm hoping they give me at least a 10%-15% bulk discount. Then..... well... then it's up to DH to finish the demo and get the red birch wood sample so we can see we're going to use that for our drawer fronts. OH! and I have to place the order for all the flooring. It's SPENDING TIME!!

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I was the one who put clear alzak Juno trims in Halo cans, and I can't account for any other size, but for 6" cans and 6" trims, the fit is snug and perfect like they were made for each other.

I chime in to these threads because I was told time and time again from every direction that Juno trims don't work in Halo cans, but they do - and perfectly! At least for 6" trims.

Something not mentioned yet was that one complaint about Halo trims was that if you looked up at the light (with the bulb off of course) you could see into the housing. I viewed it at Lowe's and sure enough you could.

The big difference I encountered was looks. Juno trims asthetically look better than Halo's trims, in big part cause Juno hides the housing. Another difference is that Juno offers a 7.25" high can, Halo only offers a 6" tall can, which makes a difference in the wattage you can put in - 6" high cans can only hold up to a 65 watt bulb (and 65 watt bulbs only come in long neck). Those are the only differences I found. Oh, and price. Halo cans are around $6. Junos are around $26.

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Bingo! Thank you Needssometips! It's the height, and therefore, the ability to put in a higher wattage bulb. See, I knew that I didn't know what I didn' know, but now I know!

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needsometips08, that's not exactly right. You just have to buy the right Halo housings. Look at the H7UICAT. They are more expensive ($20 each from GoodMart), but they allow up to a 100W PAR38. I was told about these housings from someone in the lighting forum. I was about to buy the H7ICAT, but now have bought the U's, all 24 of them!!!

Also, I know it's not called WHEAT haze, but Halo does offer a haze trim for the H7 housings under the part # 30HAT. Not cheap, however, at $25 each.

Good luck,

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I'm trying to figure this out too. My electrician put in 5" Lightolier cans - and I don't know if I'm restricted to Lightolier trim? They have something called Alzak trim - does anyone know if that's similar to the haze? Thanks for your help.

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Countryboyok1, that makes sense. I got my wattage-in-what-can info from Seattle Lighting, but they sell Juno predominately so it makes sense they would pitch me Juno's 7.25" and not even mention Halo's equivalent.

At Lowes where they sell predominately Halo, my local store only carried 6" tall cans that hold 50 watt. It wasn't stated for 50 - I had to ask outright, "will these cans take a 75 watt bulb?" He said no, I'd blow the can. It would turn itself off after 20 mins or so when it got hot enough. I told him that was my 3rd trip to Lowe's and the 2 people I'd worked with previously didn't say a thing about that to me and that I had even bought the 75 watt bulbs WITH those cans already per the recommendation of the last sales guy I worked with. I told him I would have made a big mistake if not for the guys at Seattle Lighting, and he said most of the sales people at any of the Lowe's wouldn't know about cans and higher wattage bulbs, but he did only because he was an electrician by trade. There was zero mention at any of the Lowes that Halo DID make a can that would hold a 75 watt. I guess if they don't sell it, it's not relevant to their customer! I do feel so sorry for people who set up their plan for 100 or 75 watt bulbs and then discover too late that their cans can only hold 50. I would be very angry at the big box stores for not providing that info. I was misled and caught it only cause of a random visit to a light store.

I have to say I worked with yet ANOTHER light store in the very beginning who sold both Halo and Juno - they set up my lighting plan but ended up being too expensive - but the plan called for the 6" high Juno cans with 75watt bulbs. When I called her back after finding this out, she had to actually look it up in Juno's specs or literature or whatever, and was shocked to find out it was true. I have no idea why there is SOO much misinformation and lack of knowledge even in the industry about this. I am actually aghast at how this info is simply unknown.

But good to know that Halo does sell cans that can hold higher watts. Interesting that they are almost as expensive as Juno.

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Phillips makes a good 75 watt halogen bulb that isn't a long neck, so you could possibly put those in the Halo cans. I have the bulbs in my juno 6" cans and am very impressed at the quality of light.....lighting expert recommended the halogen Par 30 to me as the best quality. It is true that info isn't disseminated amongst the industry as there seems to be a lot of confusion. I found that both cans are good quality but I actually think the HALO's are better. They are much easier to install in new construction and a little easier to wire. Halo cans are more user friendly. Found the Juno's a little rickety. Also FYI, if anyone is using dimmers as I have, the lighting expert said that the dimmers take 15watts off the electricity off the top so if you want 60 watts of light you need a 75 watt bulb.

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Knock Architecture and Design

what is so special about the alzak wheat trim that everyone is getting so hot and bothered about? looks pretty blah, and more fitted to country-traditional remodels. Anyone have some inside knowldege about why this trim is so great that you should be using it on other manuf lights?

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