Top Chef Seattle House

lazydaisynotFebruary 4, 2013

In case any of you have been watching Top Chef, I think this is the house where the fried chicken challenge was filmed. The kitchen photographed really poorly on the show. The decor does not seem very Seattle to me. And the price (which I haven't confirmed) is mind-boggling. Maybe the wine cellar explains all the loopy jokes at the table.

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I saw that, too. I had no idea there were homes in that area of (West) Seattle in that price range. Crazy!

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Thanks for posting this. I was so curious as to where that house was!

I was curious about the listing you posted because it certainly doesn't look like a 1927 house. I did some research and it looks like there are 12 or so homes with that same address, all built on an old estate maybe. Gated community of the 12. It looks like that home might actually have been built in the 1960's, but the original pool house is part of the property. I wonder if the original estate home was built in 1920's and that listing is just wrong? I am curious about why you think it's not so Seattle decor? Admittedly, I haven't been in many, if any, $15m properties, though!

When I saw it on Top Chef and noticed the ferry dock in the background I thought they might be flying folks to Seattle from the San Juans - one of the smaller islands because I didn't recognize that ferry dock. But I don't know that I've ever ridden the Fauntleroy Ferry since I was a child.

This listing says it was built in 1969.

Here is a link that might be useful: another listing

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Oh my....I should drive over & check out this address!! I really dislike the way the living room is furnished....somehow all that red/rust color doesn't fit with the outdoor beauty to me.

Do like the kitchen, though. We quit watching this show; found it too negative. Has it gotten any better?

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Evidently Tom didn't really rent this house. (He tweeted as much during the show.)

Lizzie, now that one individual is gone (don't want to spoil it for anyone), the remaining contestants this season seem to genuinely like and care about each other.

Olychick, I thought it might be West Seattle so found it by googling. I recognized it from the kitchen tiles (if that's what they are?). Interesting about the history of the property! It sure doesn't look like a 1927 house. I didn't do anything to verify the info and don't know anything about the website.

I only said it didn't look Seattle-ish because I think of crafstman, traditional; or contemporary, but in that case I am not used to seeing the bleached wood. Usually it seems to be a more natural color, and with different finishes than are used in this house. But I don't hang around a lot of $15 million houses, either, so I am probably all wrong! I wonder who owns it...could check the real estate records, but am too lazy!

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So nice to see the reference to the San Juans... My uncle, who is now 97, retired with my aunt to Lopez island almost 35 years ago from Spokane. About ten years ago, their advancibg age made it necessary to leave he island and move to a life care community nearer their children, but we loved visiting them before anybody much had even heard of the San Juans outside of Washington state, and nobody on the east coast had any idea what we were talking about when we went off to Rosario.

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I looked up the records because I was curious if it was an old family compound like the Nordstrom one on Hood Canal. Thought I might see some old time Seattle names but I didn't recognize one (not that I would know them all) and they all seemed to have different names on their pieces of property - so maybe it just was an estate that was short platted and sold years ago. I thought maybe with the flaming piano on the wall it was owned by a famous pianist. If it is, the title is held in someone else's name, or s/he's just not a known name to me.

Anyway, it's a gorgeous piece of property!

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Olychick, I took a quick look too and noticed that the properties in that group seem to be valued in the $2.5 million range, which is consistent with the $25,000 annual property taxes on this one (I think). Who knows where that "asking price" came from! One of the houses was owned by the Merlinos, a big construction company, but I don't think it was this one. I love the pool, outdoor spaces, and the view. I hadn't read the description and had missed the flaming piano. Wow, that's, er, really something.

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bronwynsmom, Lopez is a great destination for bicycling. We didn't go this year but I want to be sure to get there next summer. You can take your bike on the ferry, bike all day including a stop in town for lunch, and get back on the ferry late in the day to come home. I can see that it could be a difficult spot to be in later years, though, especially without nearby support.

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Lazydaisy, I'm afraid my biking days are over - but it sounds heavenly. Just the ferry ride itself is a treat on a good day.

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