Question on paint for indoor stairs.

khopewJune 23, 2012

Hey everyone,

I'm getting ready to buy paint for the wood stairs leading down to my finished basement. The last owners finished them in a solid tan satin paint and not only does the color look terrible, but dirt and dust sticks to them like crazy because of the satin finish.

I plan to repaint with white risers and dark brownish black treads. I'm assuming I need either a semi-gloss or gloss, esp on the treads, but which one? Gloss seems like it will hold up the best but I'm worried it will be slippery.

Also do I need to sand the old paint and prime? Its not peeling or flaking at all, and probably is less then a year old because the prev owners repainted right before we bought this house. Of course, either way I am going to clean the stairs well.

Thanks so much!

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Muralo floor paint would be my choice here. There are other good floor paints on the market as well. Dust sticking to your old coating is probably not because of the satin finish, but more likely because the wood is rough because it wasn't sanded properly or cheaper paint was just used. Keep in mind that no matter what you use, black or dark brown colors are going to be difficult to keep clean just because of the color. I would probably not use a gloss either. That kind of a sheen is just too much for any application in my opinion and you do not gain that much more durabilty. The key is good prep and using a high quality product, not so much using a higher sheen.

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