New forum for Estrangements

gwannouncementsDecember 18, 2008

Please join us on this forum dedicated to all types of estrangements.

Here is a link that might be useful: Estrangements

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That site is too cluttered with extraneous junk ads, pictures, sayings and is not at all user-friendly. I shall remain here.

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I agree that the site is cluttered with a lot of junk ads and is not user-friendly, however the subject of the forum is helpful. I also do not know why some of the messages of different posters have been deleted as I found them valuable and useful, despite some of the conflicting opinions.

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I am sure that a number of us have sent in our issues to GW with the "new" forum that was set up. If a forum had been set up that was more like the one here on Parents Forum, that would have been excellent. But so far that hasn't happened. I am among those who have written in and asked for a discussion area that is like this one on Parents Forum.

I think that the new discussion group, Estranged Stories, set up on ning is excellent.

Here is a link that might be useful: Estranged Stories

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yes I too had sent a request in to GW with no response and no new forum added. I too am at Estranged Stories but I feel I am abandoning so many here. Too bad the staff at GW do not recognize our needs as we do feel comfortable here and have established some connections. I almost feel rejected by GW like my son rejected me. That must sound silly and probably dramatic but it is a desperate time for me and I do not always make perfect sense. I keep coming back here and hope Medusa is doing alright. Take care and god bless.

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