LRV of Benj. Moore 'Muslin' vs. 'Bone White'

LisaHJune 16, 2009

A week or so ago I posted a question about Benjamin Moore beiges and off-whites, and Funcolors kindly explained Light Reflectance Value to me. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to find the LRV of Benjamin Moore paints. I've gotten a large swatch of "Muslin" 1037 and would like to know how its LRV compares to that of "Bone White", which is currently on my walls. Funcolors or anybody else, could you help me out?


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Lori A. Sawaya

Muslin 1037 - LRV 69.0
Bone White - LRV 74.5

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Funcolors, does this mean that BM Bone White is brighter than BM Muslin?

Lisah, I have BM Bone White in my family room, kitchen, hallway and one of my spare rooms. I love the color but the samples are not as pretty in my home office due to the putty cabinets it goes well with but picks up the putty color so the color is different.

Why do you want to change the BM Bone White?

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Lori A. Sawaya

I wouldn't assume one is "brighter" than the other strictly based on the LRV measurement/number.

"Brighter" speaks to a different *part* of color. Brighter, dulled, vivid, grayed speaks to intensity or saturation. Also, sometimes people refer to this part of color as chromaticity or just chroma.

LRV is all about how much light is reflected or absorbed. Muslin and Bone White are super close in LRV - close and both are light colors. A LRV spread of five or six isn't going to make that much of a difference -- on average and for most general purposes -- that narrow of a spread isn't something that should matter when it comes to making a color decision.

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Thank you funcolors for the explanation.

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Where can I find the LRV numbers for Benjamin Moore Paints

At this moment I need BM 1579 (Greyhound)


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Lori A. Sawaya

You will find LRV numbers listed on the index of a paint color fandeck or some people call them color wheels.

Greyhound 1579 has an LRV of 39.9. Here's more info - in this case both are links to stuff I produced.

Article explaining LRV in more detail

Podcast that speaks to BenM fandecks/color collections

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You can find BM LRV on this website:

(I have nothing to do with this vendor at all - I had just bought from them once with no problem, and found out that they post their LRV online which I can't find on the back of my paint chips!)

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Lori A. Sawaya

Nope, not on the back of chips for BenM. BenM you have to look in the index. Some other brands do include info including LRV on the back of the loose chips but not many.

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