Help making cream cabinets look rustic

lucy0214February 6, 2013

We are really wanting creamy painted cabinets. Our house is kind of woodsy rustic feel. My husband doesn't like the look of the glazed cabinets. I have already picked out the granite which is millenium cream (looks kind of like colonial cream) has taupe, cream, an some black in it. How can I make cream cabinets look "rustic"? Thanks

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Take them out back and run over them a time or two with a motorbike and then hit them with a chain and an icepick. Then barely clean them up and clear coat them.

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Wow thanks great idea! (Runs off to get gas for the motorbike)

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What about cream cabinets that have some light distressing to them?

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I agree with sis2two that light distressing might add a more rustic appearance, especially if some of the wood underneath was visible. I would also suggest using a cabinet door style that is less formal/detailed. Additionally, perhaps you can make the cabinets look more rustic with your choice of hinges and hardware and other elements in the kitchen.

You say you've settled on cream cabinets and a cream granite. Did you select these options because you've seen kitchens you've liked that have this look? I ask because in general cream cabinets and cream granite don't really read very rustic to me. I think they could swing more rustic based on other choices in the space (such as flooring, backsplash, lighting, hardware), but typically when I think "woodsy rustic", I think of stained wood, stone, etc rather than cream paint and granite.

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what about soapstone counters? I think soapstone has a more rustic look compared to many granites. Honed counters in general might an option to consider.

Otherwise, you might want to use your cabinet color elsewhere in your house so that the cream cabinets don't feel out of place (i.e. built-ins, some painted furniture etc).

Agree completely about choosing a simple door style and non-ornate hardware.

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LWO, are you making fun of me?
Were you watching?
I put some boards out (poplar = soft) and ran over them with my neighbor's lawnmower. The tire impression was FASCINATING.

Unfortunately, although with that, the chain, the ice pick, the washers (for round distressing) and all kinds of other things I was playing with, the corner of the poplar broke.

I also recommend beating the crap out of them, then glazing. Sanding the edges helps, too, but try not to make your cabinets look like a leopard.

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