For 'Metal Substrates Only'

tom418June 16, 2012

I just bought a can of Benjamin Moore Z235 01 Regal Satin Impervo to do my wood trim inside the house.

The dealer (and another local one nearby) insist that I can use it on wood trim moldings. However, the label on the back of the can says "for metal substrates only"!!!!

Also, on my older can, the label said "Satin Impervo" and "for walls and trim" . While this one says "Satin Impervo" also, it is msissing the "walls and trim" statement.

So, is it safe to use this on wood trim?

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Question answered.

I called Ben Moore's customer service department, and was told that the store misinformed me about the use. It is NOT intended for wood trim. I went with the water based paint instead.

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I guess they have made some radical changes lately, because I have used oil satin Impervo, and oil semi gloss Impervo (which is now called Dulamel) on woodwork for decades!

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Sombreuil: I too have used the Impervo oil based paint. But my last can was a C235 01 , and the paint in question was a Z235 01. At $29/quart, I couldn't take a chance on it's not coming out correctly.

Oh and the C235 01 had a label on the front that said "For Walls and trim"! The Z235 01 says "for metal substrates only".

By the way: I actually prefer the finish of the oil base C235 01

I'm waiting to hear back from Moore as to whether there is an OIL based enamel for walls and trim.

Thanks for the reply.

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Sombreuil: I just found out that Moore STILL MAKES the C235 01 oil based enamel for walls and trim. Apparently, the store owner thought that it was replaced by the Z235 01!

Well, kind of late for me, as I finished painting this room. Too bad that the fellow at Moore's customer service steered me toward the water based enamel (314 01), which I don't think is as good quality as what we've been using "for decades" !

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I knew they still sold it (in WV) in January, because that was the last qt of Impervo/Dulamel I have bought.

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