A book I barely remember.....

christy2828November 17, 2007

Hopefully someone can remember this book. I read it as a child, and the picture is what I remember. It is of a little girl wearing a big hat and her mothers clothes. Light brown hair, big eyes, and digging through her mothers' closet. I want to share it with my little girl, but have no clue where to start. Thanks for any help :) Christy

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Have you asked your mother?

There's an Antiques & Collectibles (or something like that) Forum on gardenweb;
maybe someone there could help.

Be sure to mention an approximate date (1980's? 70's? 50's?)

& you might try ebay or amazon.com, too.

Best luck.

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She doesn't remember. I was going to ask the librarian, but I won't make it there until next week. Just kinda hoped it sparked a memory in someone else. It was late 70's early 80's. Thanks for the suggestion :) Christy

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I found it!! It's called 'Where Did the Baby Go' by Sheila Hayes. I found the book in a box with a bunch of other old books in my parents closet. I read it to my three year old tonight :) Old thread, took me awhile to find it!!!

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