Making sure movies are appropriate BEFORE your children see them

bnicebkindNovember 14, 2005

I have come across sites two sites on line so that parents know exactly what is in a movie, BEFORE their children see the movie. It is under family movie review, and it will tell you what swear words are in the movie, it will describe any scenes with sexual content if a movie contains "any", It will describe positive elements/messages in a movie, and it will list negative elements in a movie. It will show you how to talk to your children about something in a movie that may be a lesson for your child, such as what happens when a character in the movie lies or cheats, etc. Here are the sites:



After being blindsided a few times with our kids, we now know where we can check out what is in the movie before we are sitting in the theatre with the kids.

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Good for you, checking out movies before the kids see them. There is so much that is inappropriate.

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Wow, that's great! There are so many films that I've insisted on waiting until they're available on DVD, pre-screening them with my husband, and THEN deciding if our boys can watch them. What a pain in the butt that has been...

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I want to remind everyone about these sites. My friends and I all use the sites as they will list every cuss word, and anything at all the is inappropriate, so you as a parent are not blindsided. Plugged in has the most information, but I will often check both. Please spread the word to everyone you know with kids, as I cringe when I see kids in movies like Talladega Nights and feel for the parents who brought the kids thinking it would be OK.

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