Paint at 75, 50, and 25% sautration?

CEFreemanJune 1, 2014

I'm not sure I'm using the correct terms here, but wanted to run this by you guys.

I have finally found a color I like that doesn't turn blue in my house. This has been a 7 year search with mostly error, not trial.

I want to use the same color on the ceiling as the walls, but lighter. Perhaps I'm over thinking this, but if I just ask for something 50% lighter, does it change the basic color of the paint? I'm really gun shy after the difficulties I've had, even with samples. I guess I'm asking if there's some reason it'll take on another life of its own hue if I just get it at a reduced strength?

I actually think there must be some kind of coating on my Allside windows (never buy them) that bring out blue in everything because in indirect light, every color I thought I was going to use was gorgeous. Put those puppies in direct sunlight? I can't tell you how many colors became turquoise or just blueish.

The color in particular is Glidden's 'Natural Wicker.' I'd be picking it up at Sherwin Williams, though, because of the huge DirectBuy discount. Some of the other colors I'm looking at for other rooms, with the same ceiling color are Duron/SW 'Tinderbox,' and Glidden's 'Natural Linen.' Really that doesn't mean anything in the scope of my question, except I'm so excited to finally have drywall to paint after 9 years.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Not really any help to you, but just did posters of Glidden natural linen & natural wicker - they match my bathroom tile.

BTW - you can order 8oz samples from HD and they will send them to you, $3 & free shipping, I bought a dozen colors to test out. (Have to paint entire house.)

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I understand your thinking with different % saturation - I guess mixing with white?
I did something like that to make a chalkboard calendar. I started with black and white latex paints, and mixed four shades of gray - 40% black, 60% black, 80% black, and 100% black. The four colors all work well together.

What i the "huge DirectBuy" discount? I am trying to convince myself to use something more expensive than Behr, and a discount sounds like a good thing.

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I think you would be better off choosing from a color wheel than trying to guess 50%.

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