Do I just do it MYSELFf??? painted cabinets

enright5June 29, 2012

I just posted this on the kitchens forum but realized this forum is probably a better choice:)

We are on the home stretch of our kitchen face lift/small remodel project and after Tuesday the painting of the perimeter cabs is the only thing left. I am SO anxious to have this come together and be done but my painter cannot get us in for a few weeks! I can't switch painters because this painter is giving us an amazing deal and I can't afford to get a higher bid at this point in the project (my budget is tapped!)

The paining of the cabs is one of the most defining parts of my ktihen redo and will make such a difference in the light and openness of the kitchen. I can hardly stand it to wait any longer!

SO, my question is do I just do it myself?? I have little to no experience painting and it makes me nervous to paint such an important part of my kitchen. The cab's are a cheap Merillat vaneer builder grade cabinets with solid wood boxes and vaneer doors so i know the traditional way of sanding is not possible with these cheapy cabs. I found a liquid sander at HD and a paint additive product that cuts down on roller marks.

The taking down the doors is probably the part that scares me the most - seems like such an ordeal. Wish I could paint them right not he hinges.

Any feedback? Should hold my horses or do it!????

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Speaking as another amateur, if you think that taking off the doors is an ordeal, you may not be up to this project. Cabinet painting - and all its subtasks - is tedious. If you have never painted before, and this project is the crowning glory of your kitchen, I would pull in the reins and wait.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Don't do it. Wait for the painter - it's only a few weeks.

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As graywings said if you don't know how get the doors down then better don't start at all. You might end up messing everything up. Wait for the painter.

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ok- decided. I am waiting (impatiently)

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