Shelf liner help!

belladomFebruary 13, 2013

I just found that the shelf liner I put in my new cabinets a year ago is sticking, and I am so upset. They are the white grip type found at Bed Bath and Beyond... I also used plastic clear ones which are ok so far, but am reading here to get the Cushy Cupboards or cork from Williams Sonoma as the plastic may eventually be a mess as well.

Any thoughts on how to repair my beautiful cupboards from this sticky stuff? And what to use now to avoid more problems in the future?


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As someone else mentioned on another thread, you might try Goo Gone. Or fingernail polish remover. But I don't know what that would do to the finish of your cabinets.

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I would try cooking oil. Corn oil or the like. It won't hurt the finishes, and fairly often oil will remove the sticky stuff left behind when I soak a label off a jar. After it soaks a bit, try scrubbing with a plastic scrubber.

Then, of course, wash the residue off with soapy water and dry immediately.

If you find something that works, do post the results for us.

By the way, I use Cushy Cupboards and love it on open shelves and in some drawers. Much better than other shelf lining I have used. Much easier to clean than the ridged stuff.

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Careful with that Goo Gone! I just ruined something last week with that stuff because I failed to read the directions carefully. It can definately damage surfaces, so use with caution. Maybe you can try heating up the shelf liner with a hair dryer ... that works amazingly well to remove all kinds of sticky stuff, so it's worth a try.

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