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jillandmattJune 24, 2011

Hello, We are building a new house and are almost ready for paint. Our contract with our builder is for flat paint in the entire house. With three kids I want to switch to a washable flat or an eggshell. Our builder asked the painters what the cost would be to switch. The painter said it would be a $175 per room upcharge. The painter gave two reasons: the eggshell would need a third coat (the flat would only need two coats)and the eggshell is a more expensive paint than flat. Does that sounds reasonable? I have painted with eggshell before and have never used three coats... this is in addition to the drywall primer they will spray on first. I know the eggshell is a little more expensive, but only $5-$7 per gallon, probably less than that with the painter's discount. Thanks for any advice!

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I don't know how you can charge per room like that when each room is a different size, but yes the price to upgrade to washable from flat is usually significant. As an example, I may pay $10-$15 for a gallon of contractor grade flat while a high quality eggshell costs me $35-$50. I don't recommend using cheap eggshell either. If you are going to pay for the upgrade you may as well use a product that actually can be washed and scrubbed somewhat. Also, if your original contract for flat is for same color on the ceilings and walls and you upgrade to eggshell, the painter will now have to cut in all the ceiling lines in the house twice because you are likely leaving the ceilings the flat finish. That's a lot of extra labor there.

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A good Eggshell is ALWAYS worth it, relative to CHEAP "Builder's Flats"!! may just want to have the cheap paint done, and just plan on doing your own "Quality" paint later...


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