Ceiling color on new construction

JMphotoJune 14, 2011

We are getting close to painting stage in our new home construction. We are going with one color throughout the home. We will paint some of the rooms once the builder comes back through at 6 months to fix any cracks or pops. We chose SW Beach house for the wall color throughout the home since the home will have a lot of warm colors. It will have white molding, no crown molding in the ceiling. My question is, for only a little more money, we can have the painter do the ceilings in a flat white or do it the beach house, the same as the walls. The ceilings are 9' and there is lot of windows and light in the home. Any thoughts?


Here is a link that might be useful: SW Beach house

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I'm personally not a fan of the ceiling color and wall color matching. It's just too overwhelming for me. I feel like a different ceiling color allows the wall color to pop.
Our house is a new construction too, and we're also in the painting process (still stuck in the color selection phase; hence my post above). On the ceiling color issue, After some debate, my hubby and I decided not to have it painted so we can save on paint and painter costs. Plus we thought the white ceiling would blend too much w/ the crown molding and u couldn't appreciate that. Anyway, hth. Please weigh in on my post bc I need some advice too!! Thanks :)

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I don't like a room with the walls and ceiling the same color either. I like a clean, fresh, white ceiling. White makes just about every color stand out. I've only ever had short ceilings, 7.5', so painting the ceiling a color other than white or the wall color has always seemed to be too much for me. White just disappears.

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Just had mine painted last week. I had some done with the same color on the ceiling and walls and one with white ceilings, gray walls. If you read the title with each you can read exactly what is where
Both look great. I'm very happy with my choices. You can see it on my post just a few posts away on this forum

look for member named cheerpeople if you want to see.
Does it help? Post over there if it does

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It sounds like several of the posters aren't painting their ceilings? I thought all ceilings were painted.

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