searching for estranged daughter

find_tashaNovember 4, 2009

Father searching for estranged daughter?

Her name is Tasha Herron and she's last known to live in Pontiac Michigan. Her father (Fred Herron) moved to Florida years ago and is trying make contact with her. Her mothers name is Christina Ramos. We are having a hard time locating any information and do not have the funds to hire any professional help. If anyone knows Tasha, please tell her that her father, Fred has been searching for her and misses her dearly and to please contact him. Please send any info by replying to this post or also you can email at

Additional Details

Tasha's birthday is January 6th, 1994.

I have looked on facebook as well as myspace without any luck. I did recieve a phone number through a search but there is a language barrier with with the party answering. They did not speak any english and the conversation ended. I have checked all the addresses I found on whitepages, but they are no longer living there. Christina Ramos mothers name is Deborah A. Ramos. Christina birthday is April 3rd, 1976. I have searched on Whittemore, Wyoming, and Ypsilanti Streets in Pontiac.

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I am assuming that you really are this young woman's father & that you do have her best interests at heart & that you therefore will understand & appreciate the following.

note to forum:

If you know this young woman, give *her* the contact information on this thread rather than emailing information to the poster.

I sympathize with a parent trying to find a child, but the poster may not be the parent, could be a stalker or a 21st century Ted Bundy (serial killer).

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Oh hell, sylvia! Why not just jump over the cliff with it?

It's been two weeks. Nothings happening here or likely to happen.

Jack the Ripper didn't make out.

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If someone knew where tasha is, he/shewouldn't post it on the forum but just email as requested:

"you can email at"

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