Need help with cabinet colors!

nhbasketsFebruary 11, 2014

Looking for opinions on what colors to paint cabinets in our new kitchen. We will be going with Super White on the counters. I'd like to have white on the perimeter cabs and a blue on the island. Below are several whites I've picked out along with a blue. Any rise to the top? Any other whites or blues you can suggest?

In our current kitchen and adjacent family room we have BM Powell Buff on the walls which blends well with our furniture. In the new house the kitchen will be open to the living room.

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I painted the cabinets in a kitchen with eclipse, which looks to be very similar to britannia blue. Originally I was going to use Super White, but after finding out that it's actually a marble, I went with Impala Black. Anyway, the color looked really nice. I also painted the trim in the room Simply White.

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I sympathize! I presently have dozens and dozens of BM white samples on my kitchen table. And I thought picking a COLOR was difficult!

I have one of the older white/off white fan decks from BM. Simply White is listed as a warm white, and Chantilly Lace and Distant Gray are cools. My book doesn't have Dove White, but it does have White Dove, also a cool. I don't know the "rules" about pairing cool colors together or warm colors together, or mixing cools and warms.

I went with the Simply White after buying a sample. It is a creamy white without being too yellow. It's not stark, not "too white," and doesn't look dingy ... IMHO, it's just right! I bought it for my exterior trim, but like it so much that I am going to use it on all the interior trim as well.

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On my monitor I like dove and distant gray the best.

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Thanks so much for your input. Jelly, I didn't realize that BM included on their fan decks if a color was warm or cool. Anyone know if they have this info online, as I have not come across it.

Today we went to the paint store and looked at the colors I had posted above. The blue really is too dark, but the next color looks very promising...BM 1622 Mineral Alloy. I think it looks great with the Super White and totally blends with other colors in our home.

There are just too many whites! I'm now considering BM OC-55 Paper White.

Input is sincerely appreciated!

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I would consider the white in the room environment and under proposed lighting before making final decision. I was set on simply white, until I put poster board color samples up and more importantly, proposed lighting. Weird considering simply white has no yellow added, but it really looked yellow in my room. White dove (oc-17) looked whiter than simply white, another oddity.

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Thanks for the tip, Mags. At the paint store it was amazing the difference in the blue by changing the lighting.

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From what I can tell on my monitor I like dove white.

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I don't think BM has the info re: cools and warms on their website, at least not that I've found. My fan deck is older and they no longer include that information on their fan decks, though they probably should. If you call BM's 800#, they will tell you if a color is warm or cool, but won't tell you if one goes with the other ... they told me that those are questions for a designer or decorator!

Super White is listed as a warm, and Paper White as a cool if that helps.

Mags, Simply White has no yellow added? That surprises me because it does appear to, however slight.

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Mags, I just got back from having another quart of the Simply White mixed at BM and they said that it does contain a touch of yellow.

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When I was thinking of painting my cabinets my top three choices were BM Cloud White, BM Whtie Dove and BM Simply White. Now I am going to by cabinets already a white color.

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Jellytoast - ok, I stand corrected, there's a circle tag over some of the formula; hope no one got confused by my error.

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