Searing removes seasoning from cast iron?

linnea56October 23, 2012

I had seasoned a cast iron grill pan, the kind with raised ridges on it, which I thought would be perfect for making a London Broil, as it could go from the stove top to the oven. But for some reason, the searing removed the seasoning, right in the center where the meat was in contact with the pan. The rest of the pan is still brown and shiny with the seasoning, but now there's this grey circle in the middle.

Was it the high heat that did it? Should I avoid using cast iron for searing? Maybe I will just have to transfer from a conventional pan to the cast iron when I put it in the oven.


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Wasn't seasoned enough. Keep using and seasoning it. Cast iron, after it gets seasoned enough, is excellent for searing.

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I agree, keep using it. I sear steaks in my old cast iron pan regularly and don't compromise the seasoning at all.


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I use a little shortning on a paper towel to wipe the pan before I sear meat. See if that might help. I also don't use the high heat, just med. high on my stove.

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