Pottery Barn Pearce Sofas in Microsuede.

AH9200February 4, 2013

I am considering purchasing 2 PB Peare sofas for my family room. I really like the Microfiber Fabric and the design. They are are comfortable.

I havent compared sofas at all yet. Does anyone have these sofas? Feedback? How is the overall quality of PB sofas?


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My concern with this sofa is if the loose back cushions would wind up looking sloppy.
I personally like semi attached as they are soft but stay neat looking for years/

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I have had difficulty keeping microsuede looking clean.

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Anybody else have opinions? These are on sale thru today and I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences with them?

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I dont like microsuede. It is terrible to keep clean, and cat hair sticks to it. I had a chair, which I really liked, but because it was microsuede, and I have a cat, I finally took it out of the house and put it by the road for give away. My grandaughter has a microsuede sofa and love seat, and now has put slip covers on it, because, she has 3 kids and every spot she cleaned, showed up when it was dry. She has started looking for replacement, and is having a hard time finding something she likes, that isnt microsuede. I love the color and style of the sofa you are looking at, but, I would never buy it because of the fabric. Just my opinion. :-))

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I have had.. and my BFF has had very much the opposite experience with microfiber. I don't know if it is a quality issue or if perhaps it was the scotchguarding but my microfiber held up beautifully-- now, I will say, when it did start to go, it went quickly-- but it looked beautiful right up until that point.

Sorry, no experience with the pierce sofas.

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