embarrassing- simply can't get plastic ring off paint can!!

kawh707June 22, 2011

ok. i give.

got a can of paint in the mail to match our cabinets.

has a plastic ring around the lid.

how on earth do you get this thing off??

tried everything, short of a torch.

i'm sure the "zen" way is so simple.

please help!

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Lori A. Sawaya

Should be able to take a flat-head screw driver and wedge it under the ring. Pry it up and it should pop right off.

It's not reuseable, serves no purpose other than shipping so no worries about damaging the ring.

I tried pinching it with pliers before to pull it off and that did not work for me. Had the most luck with a screw driver or 5-n-1 tool.

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Use a paint-stick or even a ruler, or your screwdrivers shaft!

Place your thumbs on the can lid, and all other fingers pulling-UP with the ruler/whatever against bottom of ring.
Don't yank...just a firm/steady/controllable pull!


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Take it to a local paint store and ask them to get it off for you. I'm sure they would be glad to help you even though it's not their paint. Customer service for a grateful potential customer.

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