Super High gloss Paint. Fine Paints of Europe or Diamond Vogel

chucktaylor90June 13, 2012

Hey guys,

So I want to paint my Front Door an extremely high gloss black like in England. I used to live there and want to bring that part of the country to my home. I have heard a lot about Fine Paints of Europe, but they are just so expensive. I have heard that a possible replacement in Diamond Vogel. Does anyone have any experience using this stuff? How does it compare? Or is there another option out there that gives a super mirror like finish? I live in Utah so unfortunatly i have to ship both of these options? Is there a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin williams paint that works as well?

Any ideas would be great. Also if you have used any of these on a similar project please post pics, that would be awesome!

Thanks so much!

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A qt. of Hollandlac Brilliant will paint any front door at least 5 times.
So you can't justify $80 to have the best looking front door in your town?

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NOTHING will look as good as FPE Hollandlac Brilliant.

I've used some of their stuff.

(I have a thread on this forum about painting the interior wood trim of our entry-door side-lites. I used their Brushing-Putty, Oil primer, and the ECO-series Brilliant White.)

I'm a proud USA fan like anyone.
BUT...there's nothing like that stuff here!

Trust me...if you prep it right, and use good tools/techniques, you'll be dumbstruck!!


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I cound not agree more with the comments about Hollandlac Brilliant

Mu front door is painted Tulip Red and it shines like a mirror

You have to follow the instructions to the letter including using their primer and paint brush but in the end it will be more than worth the effort

And as FPE's advertisement states there is nothing as expensive as using cheap paint

Good luck

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The Hollandlac is a wonderful finish..but hard to do. I have included our help video on best practices for using this paint.

Hollandlac paint video

Here is a link that might be useful: Hollandlac paint video

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