Need Senior yearbook page ideas

pure2lucNovember 7, 2006

Does anyone have any ideas for senior yearbook page? I am doing full page and have some pictures but not sure what to write. I would like to put a saying or poem in there,If I can find some ideas or where to begin.

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WHen I wrote the message for my kids year book it was basically the same, and it was something on the order of when they were little the liked XXx and now they're older and likeXXx but they're still the love of our lives. I know that didn't come across right, let's see if I can remember one (we only had a few lines)

From "Days" to "Dawson Creek" we've watched our little girl grow up. You'll always be our little Sar-Bear. Love Mom and Dad. She loved to watch Days of our Lives with me...and still loves it to be honest...that year her favorite show was Dawson's Creek. Her nick-name from Dad was and is Sar-Bear (Sarah...Care Bears). She cried!!!


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Don't do it.

My daughter, now 28 and a mother, was looking through her senior yearbook today. I brought it up to her so she could find a classmate. As she went through the back of the book, she looked up and said "have I ever thanked you for NOT putting one of those stupid ads in the back of the yearbook?"

Looking at them 10 years later, she said it was very embarrassing for her to see the ads her friends parents put in, and she couldn't imagine how awful they must feel now, especially the ones the kids did with their current boy or girl friend.

I told her that it never occurred to me to place one of those ads, as I firmly believe in not embarrassing my children. Those ads seemed like an awful idea at the time, and they still do.

If you have to do something, wish them all well and remind them that there is life after high school, and it just gets better and better.

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This song was the song the seniors passed down to our junior class in high school (with some of the words changed). I don't know if your daughter is leaving for college or going out on her own, but you may be able to change the words some and come up with an appropriate 'song' to her. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too embarrassing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Don't you forget about me

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I don't think it's a bad idea. I plan on doing a smaller ad for my DD this year.

The link below has a few pages of ideas. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ad ideas

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Kids love music, song lyrics are great, a special song they love or one that they relate to ....

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