Any words of comfort? Advice? Please? :)

azhomebuyersellerNovember 8, 2005

Hi all---

This is my first time on this particular forum. I am a mother of an 8 year old and a 6 year old, both boys.

The 6 year old is going to have surgery to repair an inguinal hernia in a little over 2 weeks. This will be the first time either of my children has been in an operating room.

I have been edgy, irritable, feeling slightly depressed for about a couple of weeks...oh, since I scheduled his surgery! :)

I know this is minor surgery, I know he will be in good care---his doctor performs this surgery many times a week, he will be at a children's hospital in a major city, it's an outpatient procedure albeit with general anesthesia.

So I need some advice for how to get over this paralyzing fear in the back of my head regarding his surgery! I have had surgery a few times, and it scared me to death going under general anesthesia each time. It's just one of those irrational fears.


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I have been through this twice with my son at age 18 months and again at age 2-1/2 for similar procedures. You will be able to be next to your child in recovery as he wakes up. The hardest part is watching them be wheeled away. Make sure you have a good friend or your husband, you'll need somone to hold your hand. Children are quick to recover. My 18 month old was standing up in his crib on the way back from from recovery! He had a testicular tortion repair. It will be okay, really.

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Thanks! I know, deep down, he'll be okay. I can imagine how difficult it must have been for you with your son so much younger than mine will be! My husband will be there, and our 8 year old will also be there because he insists he needs to be there in case his little brother needs hugs going in or coming out :).

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At the age of 4, my son has his adnoids and tonsils removed and had tubes put in his ears. As barnmom said, its tough watching them wheel him away. He came through just fine, probably better than me. Your son will be in careful hands. He will be just fine. Keep us updated.


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My husband is an anesthesiologist and the children that they have the hardest time with (the ones that freak out the most) are ALWAYS the ones whose parents are freaking out. Do your son a BIG favor and act like this is no big deal at all (even if it really is to you and you are freaking out on the inside). If he sees you calm and very casual about it all he will take his cues from you. Do not cry in front of him. Do not get too overbearing and "baby" him too much or he will begin to worry. Save all of that for after the surgery. Keep things very light-hearted on the day of surgery and don't get too serious and nervous. He'll do much better if he thinks it's not a big deal. Do NOT let him see you freak out.

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My son was 7 months when he had this surgery done. He'll do great. Do as above, act as if this is nothing big, actually fun.. PASTE THAT SMILE ON YOUR FACE. Break down if you must AFTER he is wheeled away in his wagon! This is a children's hospital, they've dealt with parents and children, so call their social service area to get books for him if you wish. He won't remember much, just the pain after (and that isn't much).


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Thanks all! Of course I will act as though I am not worried at all, I wouldn't dream of creating any extra anxiety or worry for him. So the big day is this coming Wednesday; today was our warm-up: a "baby root canal" (pulpotomy and crown) and several fillings, performed with conscious sedation because the first dentist who attempted the procedure freaked him out completely and refused to work with him if he cried, which he did.
He woke up this morning crying about going to the dentist, then was fine after I explained to him that he won't be in pain and that if he is scared or nervous that's normal and nobody will be angry if he feels like crying, which he likely wouldn't anyway.
He came through the dental procedure apparently unscathed, although there was little consciousness on his part. In fact, he's sleeping the day away :).
I'll keep you all posted after the surgery!
Thanks again---

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Make sure he understands what is about to happen and why, and that these things happen and it isn't his fault. Tell him it won't hurt (if general anethesia is used). It *will* hurt for days afterward unless strong painkillers are used.

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I am just reading this now, but I hope he's doing fine tonight. If I am reading right, the surgery was today.

Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Aw, thanks everyone, and thank you so much pbjmom!
He is doing just fine, and I was actually not worried at all---until he walked away from me with the anesthesia team. I had envisioned sitting with him until he was unconscious, but he walked away totally unsedated, gave us hugs and said see ya later.
His surgery went fine, he came out of recovery fine and only vomited once. He's a little wobbly and out of it today, and having a hard time eating, but I think he'll be back to normal tomorrow!
Thanks again---

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Glad to hear your baby came through it fine! And you too. Watching them carry my baby away was hard on me too.

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