How much of an oops is this backsplash layout

cubedroseFebruary 19, 2014

Just had a backsplash installed 2 days ago, grouted 1 day ago... final coast of sealer going on tomorrow.

I realized I made a mistake in how I told the contractor to space accent tiles in my backsplash... the original plan was to place every 3rd joint but I laid the pieces out & placed accents every other joint. How do you think it looks the way it was put in? Does it look fine? Good? Bad? Though I know it would be alot of work, should I consider redoing the whole thing? (Ignoring expense as a factor... I can absorb it if need be.) Would the every 3rd really look that much better (it would be 4 total tiles on the stove wall) than every other or am I just getting hung up because I'm kicking myself for my flub?

Also, I realize the accent tiles are on the higher side. I kind of wish they were a little lower. We had a tricky space under the kitchen window - only 5". I originally wanted a straight row with a pencil then diagonal above but that 5" was going to be really awkward with the amount of space that would be above the bottom row, even if I didn't put a pencil liner in between bottom row & upper diagonal section. I decided just to do the 4x4 tiles on the diagonal all the way from the top to the bottom to more easily deal with the space under the window & to keep things on the simpler side. Deciding that, we had a choice for where to align the accent tiles. We went with the higher joint because it was in the same plane as the outlets...I think under the outlets would have looked awkward. I am realizing today (if only it had crystallized in my mind before Monday) that I could have done perhaps a 2" straight row then put diamond directly on top of that ... that would have brought the accent tiles lower & probably worked ok under the window (though I'm not sure about that either.) But maybe being a little higher is just fine?

So thoughts on the spacing of the accent tile both in terms of spacing between on the horizontal & height on vertical?
Am I crazy to consider redoing it all? Are these minor issues & likely only I see these things as potentially meaningful flaws? Also concerned about tearing out & possible damage to the everything else (counter, cabinets, appliances) all of which are just 6 months old.

(Ignore missing door... it is being replace)

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A couple more pics

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I can't imagine why you would change that. It looks fine (just like it was planned that way -- in fact, I'm not really sure what you meant to do differently!)

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The tile looks fine. The only thing I might consider would be changing your switchplates/outlets to color that matches your tile better.

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The spacing looks fine, although top weighted, but if you put any items on the counter this will visually balance that out somewhat. I can't see re-doing the back splash based only on this look. I do think it would benefit greatly by replacing the receptacles with almond color, though!

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I think in two months you'll remember there was something you didn't like about the backsplash, but you won't remember what it was. I had to go back up and read what the problem was after I saw the pics. My first impression was that your kitchen looked well put together. I would never have thought the accents were too light based on the pic. I could see the accents being a row lower, but its probably more interesting this way the more I look at it. I would never go to the expense of'fixing' this, especially not right away. Maybe if it bothered me in a year........but I really doubt it will.

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Hun, step back and take a breath. That's a lovely backsplash. I think you're not seeing the forest for the trees, and focusing on something unnecessary. Minutiae.

A suggestion, though, would be to do something on those receptacles as suggested above. There's a switchplate company called Mulberry. They make these plates they call "wrinkled." You can get normal sized plates, and you can get some that are a lot wider. Better for light switches.
Anyway. My point here is that they're paintable. You could match your creamy tile and I think the whole thing will take on new life.

You have a lovely kitchen.

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While ideally they might look a bit better if they were moved down to the center, it is likely that the outlets would have cut many of them off so you wouldn't have full accents anyway. Putting them a bit higher was probably the better choice. Accents often involve a little give and take, so you aren't alone. They look perfectly fine as they are! Your kitchen is lovely, BTW. Brrrr ... it looks chilly outside!!

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I think it looks wonderful. I think being a bit higher is ok, as I'm sure you'll have a toaster or coffee maker out, and it'll all balance.

I would not redo that at all!

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The forest through the trees comment is probably hitting the nail right on the head CEFreeman. I've been known to get stuck with that and second guess myself ;-)

Thanks for all the comments so far & helping me get a more realistic perspective!

I had thought when I put some things back on the counter (toaster, knives, Keurig) that might balance things more too..glad to hear that thought here.

And thanks for the idea on the switches. Already had that thought as well. The tile shop carries them in this exact stone...they're not cheap & I'd need to enhance like the other tile. I may go that route, but will check out Mulberry for sure..thanks for that tip! Think it would be ok to keep the actual switches /outlets white & just replace the plates?

Thanks again to all for getting my perspective righted!

PS.. re: chilly... in the Chicago area & it's been a brutal winter! More snow events & super cold days than any winter I remember in my lifetime here

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Fori is not pleased

Yep, it looks good and yep, those outlets/switches need to get dirty. :)

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NO! Do not keep the switches/outlets white. Do them in almond also. If you make the plates almond/cream/whatever, the switches & outlets should be as close in color as possible. Otherwise, they will look strange and REALLY stand out, not blend in.

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If you can change out the outlets & switches, I would.
It'll start looking really good, but you'll have the ... white spots to dwell on. LOL:)

If not? I'd start researching online what causes plastic to yellow! Where there's a will....

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I think it's a lovely backsplash. Many people prefer accent bands to be high or low, not dead-center. My backsplash (creamy travertine) is similar and our accent is toward the top too.

I agree about changing the outlet covers (or paint them like suggested).

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I think your backsplash looks good. And if the accent tiles were every three instead of like it is on every other one, it would look off balanced. What does bother me and distract me, as others have said, are the white outlets and switches with the plates.

Don't just get a matching switch plate, even if it is real travertine while leaving the white outlets and switches. Please. Lutron has a series of great satin colors that several are stone flecked colors that blend just great. Lots of configurations such as dimmers, etc. so you can have the actual outlets, switches and plates match. And if you do decide to replace the plates with a real stone instead, the Lutron colored outlets and switches will be a lot better than white. It's the contrast that makes you look at the accent tiles against the regular tile so you don't need the distraction from the white.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lutron switch and outlet color chart

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I think it will be great when you add some items to your counters. Your accents won't be lost.
Cindallas - thanks for your link - LOL - I went with white as I thought my BS would be more white but then I went with a crema - so hope to swap out the few switchplates to another color downstream (most are under cab)

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Count my vote as another that the backsplash looks great. Perfect color between cabinets and counters and perfect amount of accents. You have given me some inspiration for tile to look at for my backspash. I have dark cherry cabinets with giallo ornamental counters and have not been able to decide between a crackle tile and a stone. Your kitchen is very pretty,

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I agree with the others. Just change the outlet covers. Your tile looks great. And the higher accents will show nice, even after items are on the counter. The oops turned out perfect. ðÂÂÂ

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I think our job here is done.
[brushing hands off]

I'll await the eye candy final, finished product! :)

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I second the Lutron suggestion. I think you'll be able to find a Lutron color that will blend with your backsplash. If not, Lutron can do a custom color.

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Thanks again to everyone for your input & helping me regain my perspective!

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another vote for LIKE!

an accent that is higher up makes things look more spacious.

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Phew, I always get nervous when I see a title like this and think "oh no, we really have to tell the person that their kitchen doesn't look good." But no! Your kitchen looks great. The spacing is wonderful and the height will be great once there's a few more things on your counter. Even if you never put stuff on the counter, it definitely doesn't look bad or like a "mistake."

Congrats on a great reno!

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1. Some people here have photographed or somehow copied their backsplashes, duplicated the images in life size, and glued these images to the switch plates. They simply disappear. Or you can faux paint them, as others suggested.

2. If you place a few objects on the counter, the weight and interruption of line will improve the balance of the slightly above center accent tiles. It will look like you planned it that way.

I think you will like the effect.

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My oops.
Edited to remove duplicate post.

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It's a beautiful backsplash but I would like to hang the electrician who put the outlets #1 so high, and #2 the color. I guess visualization isn't his 'strong suit', but maybe he should have asked? Since the deed is done, have him change out the outlets to a color as close to the tile as you can, but NOT brown. I know there are are at least 3 shades of ivory/off white since my builder showed me all of them. While it won't be an exact match it will blend much better. I have travertine and the ivory/off white looks great.

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Definitely planning to change the outlets & plates to a better color for this tile. All the moldings /outlets/switches in the house are white & we didn't know what we were doing with the backsplash for a while so we left as is. Now that the BS is up I'll be changing to a better color.

We didn't pull down all the walls & left the outlets where they were when we bought the house. I didn't think even think about lowering them but I do think they're too high & had I thought of it I may have absorbed the extra cost & lowered them. Wish someone on this project (KD, electrician, GC) had mentioned. Ohwell.. will be much better when colors are changed.

Thanks all!

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