Kid friendly place to eat in NYC

michie1November 16, 2004

I live on Long Island & in a few weeks we have tix to go see Radio City's Xmas Spectcular at Rockefeller Center. We have a whole day planned of looking at the tree, watching the ice skaters, browsing through the famous animated Xmas windows & of course the show. We'd like to go eat lunch out in the city (right in the area) - a place that accepts reservations so we can count on getting in. There is the Sea Grill where you can watch the ice skaters while dining, which is where I REALLY wanted to go but they don't accept reservations, so it's doubtful we'll get in. We have a 3 yr old daughter & I wanted to know if anyone knew of a kid friendly place to go eat prior to the show?


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If you are going in on a Sunday, you might want to check out Jazz for Kids at Blue Smoke.

Their menu is terrific and very kid-friendly and the Sunday jazz program is phenomenal. We take our 6 and 3 year olds there quite often.

If that's too far for you, there's Mars 2112, or a million theme restaurants in the area.

Here is a link that might be useful: blue smoke

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Actually we're going on a week day. Mars 2112 isn't in the area though, right?

I know there are many restaurants but since I'm no longer in the city (used to work there about 5 yrs ago), I had no idea what's there now in walking distance to Radio City that I can make advance reservations for.


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You could try John's Pizza at 44th between 7th and 8th Aves. Not as touristy as a national chain, and great pizza/Italian food in a cool setting. It is in a converted church. It's not cheap, but nothing will be.

a link...

Have fun while you are here.

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Great idea!!!! I love it! Thanks. I think that's what we'll do.


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I never did update you - well that day it poured cats & dogs & we ended up having pizza at home before we left. We decided not to spend the day walking around the city so we just rushed through in the rain making all the pit stops before & after the show - the American Girl store, Build a Bear, Saks window, the Rockefeller tree, etc. all in record time & then on the way home we picked up dirty water dogs, pretzels &
chestnuts on the ride home. Not as we planned but it was kinda cool anyway & very NY!!!!


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oh, one nice thing about NYC: lots of restaurants don't take reservations but STILL have room for you. There are so MANY of them, you see.

Especially the ones on the side streets.

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I would never go into the city with a a child & no reservations & hoping to find a place. By the time we walked around & found something your kids would be cranky. I didn't work too far from that area, but that was a while back & I didn't rememeber any of the restaurants especially child friendly. As you know now it turns out the eating plans turned out to be scrapped to due to crappy weather.


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You need to know the places that always have room and always have kid stuff on the menu....delis...Chinese just to name a few....
Unless of course you are looking for the cloth tablecloth places.....then you might be wise to know who is kind to kids.
I think the upper west side, most places are kid friendly in the early evening.
Linda C

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