Staining fence without power washing?

abufishJune 9, 2011

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Just move in to a home with really old fence (15 years). It looks black-grayish.

I did some research online says the best way is to power wash it, then apply some stain. But some friends told me I can apply semi-transparent stain directly to aged fence. Will that stain stay well? Any suggestions? Can I skip power wash? Thanks!

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Friends that give advice like THAT aren't really friends (LOL!)!!

You CANNOT skip cleaning/washing that fence.

Unless you like totally wasting your $$$...

* Use a good deck/fence cleaner, let it dwell/react for ~ 15 min.
* Then, use the P/W to hose it off.
* Now you'll have a CLEAN fence, with some original color back.
* Stain will look MUCH better!
* Sikkens SRD, & Penofin Red or Blue-label are very good S/T stains.


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Thank you Faron for your reply!

I don't have a power washer, will high pressure garden nozzle (like a jet nozzle) work after I use some deck cleaner?

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1st choice:
Rent a Pressure-washer.

2nd choice:
Rent a Pressure-washer...
. .
. 8th choice:
Use your hose-nozzle.

I'm serious. The P/W will be a much better use of your time, and do a MUCH better job cleaning!!
Just use the 90deg fan tip, & keep it moving.
No closer than 1 FOOT to the wood.


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Faron, thanks, you are right...

I tried today using garden hose with jet nozzle. Not good at all. I tried chemical->brush->rinse, chemical->rinse, and brush->rinse... The only good result sample is the first option, chemical + brushing + rinsing. It is going to be too much work if I have to brush clean the 100 feet of my fences! So pressure washer sounds like the only way to do!

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