Painting Wood Shingles

whitewave41June 17, 2011

I have an 11 year old brick home with some areas of wood shingles (not sure what type of wood). The home wasn't really cared for (I recently bought it as a foreclosure)...I'm not sure if the shingles were stained or just had a faded bad paint job.

I was just curious what the proper procedure for painting them would be. Our painter is in the process of painting them...and I guess I'm just double checking that he's doing the right thing. We're using Benjamin Moore Aura in maybe Satin? (It has a bit of sheen...the painter's choice). He sprayed them off with some type of solution, and is painting them with a paint sprayer. Should he have used some type of primer? Some of the newly painted shingles have a rough texture coming through, and honestly look somewhat unattractive. Would a primer help this? Would anything help this? Thanks so much if you've made it through this...I've learned a ton on this forum, but still have a long way to go.

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Cedar shingles + paint = eventual peeling. They really ought to be stained.After they peel (and they do, with admirable efficiency) you will get another chance.

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