How often to paint outside of house?

esgaJune 17, 2012

How often should one paint the outside of a house with wood siding? I painted about 10 years ago, and the painter then said if I had waited much longer it wouldn't have been worth painting (I had recently bought the house). I think I have heard every 10 years. It still looks fine to me. So how do you know? Is there a rule?

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We have been using Pratt & Lambert (probably top of their line) paint for our house and it lasts 10 years. Their paint is amazing!! A little pricey; but worth it!!


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I am sorry, your question is way to general. The frequency of painting depends on many factors.

quality of paint and the shade

application skill and the care in surface preparation

Number of coats of paint applied

the nature of the substrate (wood, cement, metal,....) Often there is more than one surface on a house and all of these age at different rates

climate and exposure.

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Ionized made good points about variables in how long a paint job lasts. The links below give you a better idea of how to judge for yourself when your house needs it.

Is it time to paint?

Here is a link that might be useful: When to paint your house

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Thank you for the pointers, now I know what to look for. I always get the best advice here!

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Good post, jessicaml. Much better than mine. I was going to add that the OP needed to look for some of those signs, peeling, alligatoring,... and I forgot :-(

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