Odd Question about Game for husband

michie1November 9, 2004

I know this is an odd question but figuring many parents on this site might have kids with these games someone might know.

I am considering getting my husband one of the better tv video games for Xmas but I'm not sure what makes one gane system, xbox, ninendo, etc. any better or more popular than the other or even whether game boy which is one he can take with him (he goes on scuba diving trips so he can play those on the boat) if that's just as good or better.

Also I know you can't return games once they are opened so how does one know what games are good? I know they are not cheap. Is there some place on-line or a place/store where you go to test the games out before you buy them? I've heard Blockbuster rents games but I haven't checked for which system. Does anyone know?


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My son and husband both like the Playstation 2. We have a few other game systems too (Nintendo, Gamecube) but they like PS2 the best. You can rent games for just about any system at Blockbuster or any rental store. The games are very expensive to buy. You can also test out games at most Best Buy stores or Toys R Us - but if you're going to do that I would do it now and not wait until they are swamped during the post Thanksgiving sales.

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My husband/kids prefer PS2 as well. They seem to have more "youth appropriate" games, which is what we were looking for. We also rent them before we buy them (unless my hubby has a weak moment and buys first :) My nephew has literally every game system out there (I think) and for his bday and Christmas last year all he asked for were PS2 games (he's 8, though... I know your hubby may be allowed to play the "big kid" games in your house ;)

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I got my husband a PS2 for his birthday last month and he loves it. Our last system was a Nintendo64 and before that Sega. My 6 year old plays NHL hockey with him and ATV Off Road Fury2. I also got him the Tiger Woods golf game and Madden NFL football game. For the holidays, I've gotten him (husband, NOT son) a couple of more adult/violent games that the kid at the store recommended, Tony Hawk's Underground 2 and some other fighting one.

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OK so my husband won't be the only adult playing with these games. So far he just has a cheap atari tv video game but he loves it. It looks like PS2 is the way to go BUT has anyone tried Gameboy & know whether it's good for adults or just kids. My husband spends times hours on a charter boat for scuba diving trips & I thought that might be a good portable method of entertainment.


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My son also has a gameboy. Both DH and I have played in on the occasional long flight. The buttons are a little small for adult fingers and the screen is small as well. I get a headache if I play for more than 15 minutes or so.

I think there's a new gameboy coming out later this month, maybe it will be better. Disclaimer though, my 9 year old neice is the one that told me about the new gameboy, so it may not be true!

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The new Gameboy is called Nintendo DS and it comes out on Nov. 21. The DS stands for Dual Screen. It has better graphics and a stylus (pen) for drawing on the screen. It will play the Gameboy advanced as well as the DS games. The retail price will be $149. The graphics are supposed to be as good or better than on the Nintendo 64. You might also want to check, because I think there might be some way to connect the Gameboys and the Gamecube's to make them be able to use each others stuff. If you intend to get both a Gameboy and a larger one, this might make the Gamecube more appealing than the PS2.

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Well I was so confused by what was out there that I didn't ge tany of them. I got a cheapo handheld video game & he said he wasn't really all that interested in a video game syst.

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