what is the best online light source/store?

jessie21February 10, 2008

I'm ready to order the main light fixture for my kitchen and I know I can buy it online. It's a murray feiss. Anyone with experience buying lights online care to make some recommendations? Good prices, fast and reliable service, etc? thanks in advance.

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i bought my murray feiss from lightingdirect.com; just got it friday. it was backordered so it took a few weeks. but that had to do with feiss, not lightingdirect.i checked a few sites and they all had it within a dollar or two of each other.

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I've heard good things about lightingdirect but haven't ordered from them yet. I like the way their website is laid out, easy to search and figure out the specs for each fixture.

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the nice thing about lightingdirect is they have faucetdirect, pullsdirect, etc. when i later bought from faucetdirect, i didn;t have to re-enter my info. i should mention,though, that the original reason i went with them is that it said they had 4 in-stock. that was an error. so it may be worth a phone call or email to check availability if time is an issue.

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thanks for the responses. so far, there was a delay in 2 out of 2 people who ordered from lightingdirect. forgive me for seeing it this way...

The reason I'm even asking and seeing half empty glasses is that I ordered drawer pull samples from 2 different online companies and am not thrilled with either. I guess I'm used to the speed of amazon or pbs or lands end...all of which ship super fast.

Especially the one I'm still waiting for. I ordered 2 handles from this place on wed, jan 30. On thursday I got an email....no order confirmation page, just an email where a guy says he got my order and will place it the following monday!! So, I order weds and it isn't even placed until 5 days later. so, I guess this is a guy ordering from companies??? stinky practice. Anyway, that was 9 or 10 days ago and I haven't heard anything. yeesh. I don't even remember the pulls I ordered....there was zero confirmation.

anyone have a great, speedy lighting ordering experience?

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Will post back this week - I just ordered from CSN Lighting yesterday and we'll see how fast my lights come.

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Lampsplus.com is great. Really fast service.

I bought pulls from Lowes after going to all the high end stores. They don't have to be ordered, you can take them back if you don't like them, and I saw the ones I bought for more $$ at the highend stores.

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I ordered outside lighting (sconces, post lamp) from Homeclick.com. They were very quick and the order was 99.9 % correct. I had difficulty getting the 0.1% fixed. Took about 6 months and countless calls. YMMV

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I purchased my pendants from FiveRivers.com. And actually, I purchased another set of pendants from LightingbyGregory.com, but decided not to use them. I believe LightingbyGregory was faster on shipping. It was clear that the ones I purchased from FiveRivers were shipped directly to me from the manufacturer, and I suspect that FiveRivers had little control over the speed the order was filled. Their customer service was excellent, though.

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I used 1stoplighting.com and was pleased with them.

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I ordered lighting from both http://www.1800lighting.com/ and bellacor.com. Both shipped very quickly. Glass shade was cracked on shipment but a replacement was sent.

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I am not sure if this is what you're looking for but I have had good experiences with Shades of Light (they also have a catalog). www.shadesoflight.com

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Lightingdirect.com gave me a "great, speedy lighting ordering experience." Like others, I've also used their sister sites for other types of items for our new home, including Faucetdirect.com and Handlesets.com, with positive results.

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Just ordered from Faucetdirect, but bought lights from csnlighting.com. Their customer service is awesome!

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I bought lights from Bellacor, Lighting Direct, Lamps Plus, The Bright Spot--no problems with any of them, and the shipping time was reasonable (but I wasn't in a huge hurry).

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I bought my kitchen lights, which are Murray Feiss, from ewins.com; see the link below. I was going to do pendants until I saw this large billiard light model from ewins which is perfect over my 8'x4' island.

I bought over $16,000 worth of lighting for our home, (MSRP pricing), for about $4,000 (with only $165 pallet shipping costs for everything), from Steve at Seagull Lighting. www.seagulllighting.com/outlet will take you to just 'some' of the items he sells. I do NOT SEE tthe outlet/discounted rates online. You must email him or call him. The email address is on the web site.

You can get huge savings by dealing with him directly because you will be cutting out the middleman. Steve also sells on eBay, which is how I found him from the start. I wanted some PGA Lighting that was so very expensive to me, for a FRACTION of the original cost.

I just checked Steve's store on eBay where he sells their overstocked items. Here's one pendant, to give you an idea of the savings. Online, this pendant sells for almost $80; in the online store, he sells for $11.99 for the buy it now pricing.

Pendants from Steve on eBay now

Here is a link that might be useful: www.ewins.com

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This is a grrreat thread. And, sherilynn, that link to steve is also one I am saving so thanks.
What I do in my procrastinating-researching obsession to enable me to procrastinate and research some more, is to sometimes use froogle and see prices. I had just done that and seen that 1stoplighting was listed - but I had never heard of it. I was going to check them out via bbb.org, and would still do that but here I come to the forums and someone mentioned using them. How cool is that?!
This forum is the best.

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I have purchased from Lamps Plus.com, Lighting Showroom.com, and Lights 2 You .com. I had no problems with any of my orders, however, I would say Lamps Plus was the fastest.... and I'm in the East Coast. As far as price goes, I found that some companies promise "free shipping" , but read the fine print. It may be free if you spend over a certain ammount, or it may only be with certain manufacturers. Another thing to consider is the tax. It's 8 3/8% where I am ,so if the shipper has a location in your state, you get to pay for this privlage! Unfortunately, not many of the items I was interested in were available at too many locations to comparison shop.

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I too have purchased from both Lampsplus and 1800lighting. I am pleased with both, but lampsplus was by far the fastest. I purchased my knobs and pulls from TheHomeSupplyStore.com and they were fast and had excellent customer service.

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I've purchased a new home full of lights for our newbuild, on-line this year. I have had wonderful results. I've ordered a lot from Bellacor, some from CSN, a few from school house lighting. I have been so pleased. Before you order, check the return policy. Bellacor takes everything back without a restocking fee, many have restocking fees. Also do google searches on the brand and style name of the light. Check for all the prices and then call or email as they will do price matching.

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wow, thank you all soooo much!!! now i have to see if the lights i want are available on the sites you recommended.

ps, I am trying to cancel the samples order with the cabinet hardware company (so-called) now. And let me just say that when ordering knobs or pulls, stay away from Eclectic-ware.com oy!

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Just wanted to pop back in with a CSN Lighting update.....I ordered my lights on Saturday (online). Today is Tuesday and UPS Site says they are "OUT FOR DELIVERY"!!!!! Wahoo!! Note that CSN Lighting is out of MA and I live in CT.

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I ordered undercabinet fluorescent lights from CSN Lighting last July, and had a couple of problems with the order.

First their website listed one price for the units, but when I select the items and proceded to the checkout, a different (and of course higher) price was used for calculating the total.

Then, when I called to get the price problem straightened out, I specifically asked whether fluorescent tubes were included with the lights since the website said (and still to this day says) "This undercabinet fluorescent light bar is the latest in undercabinet lighting, complete with energy efficient T5 fluorescent lamps." which really suggests that the lamps would be included. Whereas the PDF specifications file from the lamp manufacturer noted that the lamps were not included. So, the person I talked to checked and said that the fluorescent tubes would be included with the lamps.

When the shipment arrived, no fluorescent tubes. After several subsequent calls to them I was unable to get the matter straightened out, so I ordered the tubes from elsewhere and have decided to not give any more business to CSN Lighting (or any of the dozens of other CSN stores)

My main lighting for the room, I ordered monorail track lighting from Arcadian lighting, and had a much better online shopping experience. They honored their 110% price match guarantee without batting an eyelash, and the person I dealt with there (Tony Lin) was extremely helpful. The order was shipped with two incorrect items, and Tony noticed it before the package arrived, and immediately shipped a separate package with the right items, and a prepaid shipping label to return the wrong items.

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I wanted some sconses, and was having to go by the online pictures, which makes it difficult to tell exactly what you are getting. To minimize the pain of returning, I ordered one from CSN. It came very quickly and was fine. So I ordered two more. That time I got a notice that they were back ordered. So it took a little longer. But they did come in a bit over a week. So I was pleased with the service.

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I picked out several fixtures, cross shopped on multiple websites.

On *almost* all of them, the best price-- almost half off on some units-- was at brightspot [link below], and the service was very good.

Here is a link that might be useful: the bright spot

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Rejuvenation lets you try out different shades/styles together to actually see what they look like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rejuvenation Lights

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I haven't bought my light online, though I thought about using lightingdirect (I did use faucetdirect and was extremely happy). Instead, I took the printout to a local lighting store and asked if they would match the quote. They agreed so I got it there. Still had to pay taxes (which I wouldn't have otherwise) but I thought it was worth it in case something's wrong - and it wasn't that much to begin with.

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TO some extent, it depends on what you order. Some of the suppliers that show the largest inventory online are NOT going to have everything in stock. I imagine they go to different suppliers depending on the product.

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Lightology has been great for us, giving discoounts and great advice.

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