computer for 6 yo

victory_tea2085November 26, 2011

What do you parents think the best computer would be for a 6 yo boy? He uses one at school in a very limited way and he gets on ours and messes things up. I was thinking a computer he could grow into instead of any toy computer. Thanks, Paul

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Are you anywhere close to an Apple Store?

The one near me has an entire section set up for kids and parents-with-kids to play with what they have available and see whether or not it's what they may have had in-mind for this kind of thing.

I'm an old guy. Personally, I don't know anything about it. All I'm saying is I've seen the set-up there and all their stuff is up and running all the time and there are always kids playing with it.

I am a 6+ year Mac-switcher so I do have that bias.

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My 5 year old has a disney netbook,its perfect ,actually I am on it now,she loves it,easy to use and little to carry about and cheaper than much faster than our computer and laptops too,although i dont know why.

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Well perhaps you should think about what you want him to do on the computer ?

At this age, I think it is important to have some software that is worthwhile to use, and not a waste of time.

Perhaps more investigation as to what he is doing at school on their computers.

When my children were little it was always a struggle for me to balance the time on the computer with outside play and imaginative play. I would advise strict guidelines when you introduce him to his own computer.

Also think about friends coming around and how they will all sit there together using the computer.

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Totally agree with popi. DD use computer to do online worksheets. Her teacher sent us to this site beestar for online learning. DD is making a great progress. She also loves to compete on this site with other kids from a lot of other states.

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