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freezetagNovember 19, 2007

Our school has 1/2 day kindergarten, so I kept my daughter at the home-based preschool she attended last year for the mornings, then she goes to afternoon kindergarten. Dh and I have fairly flexible work schedules, and are mostly able to drive her, but there are two days a week when we often have trouble leaving work. So I sent a note home, asking whether any of the other parents would be interested in carpooling (I offered to drive three days).

One of the other moms replied back, and offered to take my daughter to school two days a week. She didn't want/need me to drive her daughter, as she is a stay at home mom, and said she always has her daughter with her. I offered to pay her, but she said it was not necessary, either. I am happy for her generosity, but feel uncomfortable with the one-sidedness of the arrangement. A couple of years ago, I drove a child to kindergarten (because his mother ran a home daycare, and couldn't leave the house). I didn't want her to pay me, either, but she offered to watch my youngest child for free anytime I had a field trip or appointment. So that worked well for both of us.

Another issue is that the other mom's English is fairly limited, and I don't speak Spanish. So I wonder a bit if I have interpreted her correctly. I didn't want to insist that I pay her or drive her daughter, but maybe she would have accepted if I had. I don't know her personally; I've jsut seen her around school as we both have older children as well. Anyone have thoughts about how to show appreciation without insulting her if she just wants to do a kind deed?

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I watched a child who was a friend fo my daughter's and my DH drove them to school on his way to work...her parents had to be at work earlier.
At Christmas, I got a huge beautiful poinsettia from Katie.
You can't "pay" for a kindness...but you can offer a small kindness in return.
Perhaps a gift certificate to a local fast food place and a note, thenks for driving my child.
Linda C

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I think you have a very nice new friend in this woman, and she has one in you -- this is such a nice, generous post.

I would get her a nice present at Xmas, if she celebrates it, or at the end of the year, to thank her -- whatever you think she would enjoy; it would feel more like recognition of her friendship than payment. But if for some reason you feel that is too personal, how about a gift certificate for gasoline, perhaps with some cookies or other goodie?

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You're letting someone you don't know well drive your child? Isn't that a bit risky?

Well, that's your business, really.

I'd get a nice gift certificate for her family to enjoy. Depending upon your fiancial circumstances, it could be a restaurant gc, or one to Starbucks or Wawa, or even the local gourmet grocery store. Or how about a membership in the local museum or zoo?

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Here's just a side note:

I think many Spanish speaking cultures celebrate their gift giving on Jan 6th or the week thereof. They're really big into the 3 Kings. You may want to check into that. I have a friend from Spain and they don't do much (in terms of gifts) for Christmas itself. I think it would be extra special if you gave her something on a day that was special to her and her culture.

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