How do I stop this?

superbugginNovember 22, 2013

This issue is not a major problem, but it's very annoying non the less, my son is 5 years old and has got in this habit of if I'm not looking at him,I'm not listening! I was playing army men with him and I'm setting up my guys, he says mommy, I say yes, he says mommy, I says yes, he grabs my face so I'm looking at him, mommy that guy goes there!
I've tried talking to him that he can't grab my face and I've told him even though I'm not looking at him I CAN STILL HEAR him, I've read stuff about kids wanting to see your expression if something is funny or to feel reassured that u like it too.
But it's like me looking at him saying yes so he knows I'm listening, and he can keep talking does not cut it sometimes, i guess I wonder about school. I don't want him yelling at the teacher because she is not looking at him! Lol.
I'm not sure what goes on at my ex's. I know he goes to daycare for that week, is he grabbing peoples faces there?! He is with me all day on my week. Should I talk to the daycare lady and see what his behaviors are there? My ex is sort of in the I'm not telling u anything mode. If I'm driving he wants me to turn around and look at him while he tells me about Spider-Man, is my ex looking at him while driving? I explain it not safe and I can't look at him right now, but I can hear him. Hopefully this starts sinking in before kindergarten lol.

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I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. I don't think he would do that to people outside the family. It is probably just a phase and if you are playing with him how much trouble is it to look at him when he speaks. It's just good manners.

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Two things came to my mind when reading your post.

Perhaps he needs an eye test, just to make sure it is not a sight problem.


He may just feel a bit neglected because his mum and dad are not in the same place. He might feel insecure and is demanding your full attention because of that.

Spend lots of time with him, sitting talking and looking at him. That might make him feel more secure.

It is right for you to be concerned.

All the best for you and you little boy.

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