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snookums2May 5, 2013

The ceiling in this room was covered with another layer of drywall. There are many jc pops where the screws are. I scraped at one to see what it was about and the plug of jc came out. I'm guessing there's a little air pocket under there? Should I pop the plugs out and refill or is this typical and sanding is enough? (He had said they just needed sanding).

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"He said"?

You need to run new drywall screws ( 2), one above and one below where the nail pops are. Remove the "plugs" and the nails( if possible) and re mud the whole mess( multiple coats)
If they are really screws, re tighten them and add another one.

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If a screw or a nail breaks the paper and is countersunk, it gives no support.
Better to fill deeper voids with setting-type compound, as it doesn't shrink, sets fast. Still must cure before painting (completely dry out of water).

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"He said"?

The drywall man from he!!.

They're not really nail pops. The joint compound over them is raised. It flicked out when I messed with it. They're definitely screws underneath. I didn't notice if the paper was broken or not. It's surrounded by mud.

When you put new screws in, how do you make sure not to break the paper? I've been anchoring old nail pops on the walls and it seems to have a mind of its own how far it ends up setting in. Sometimes have to press on the drill to keep the screw moving. Looks like I will have to add others if there is no support from broken paper. The nails are deeper too. I used a nail set to put hammer them back and a screw over the edge to hold them. But all seems to be standing okay.

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I'm putting more screws in the wall. I seem to frequently be running into a problem now where the drywall screw stops and it feels like I'm hitting a piece of metal or something. I thought maybe it was the drill but when I tried again in a different location, a few screws went in.

Could it be a drill problem? Ran into it again tonight. I wasn't having this problem much at all in the beginning.

My old cordless had a torque setting but I don't see anything on this one (corded Black & Decker).

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