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tegwynNovember 24, 2007

Has anyone started Christmas shopping for their kids yet? We have picked up a few stocking stuffers but not any under the tree gifts. Last year we had it all done and wrapped by the first week in Dec. - then these massive one week sales started. This year we said we will wait until at least the 15th of Dec before buying anything for the girls.

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I began shopping a few weeks ago, but it's slow going again this year. I haven't bought anything made in China, at least not knowingly, for a couple of years. This year, that's meant a lot of returns already, since quite a few web stores have provided erroneous information about Country of Origin. It seems that way too many customer service reps don't know that "Made in Hong Kong" and "Made in PRC" mean the same as "Made in China." While my average per item cost is higher these days, my overall spending is down.

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So far have gotten a new Mongoose bike and a Barbie house that makes sounds.
I avoided Black Friday though.The lines and the crowds just arent worth what I might save.I heard some lady that worked at WALMART talking about two guys that got in a physical fight over the last Wii Nintendo at Toys R Us.I will most likely shop only on weekdays when crowds are at a minimum.
I'm starting to feel antsy though like I need to get more done.I'm not a wait until the last minute person.I like to plan what I'm getting rather then just browsing and have it ready to go in advance.
DD is so easy to shop,if only DH was so easy! Everything he wants I'll have to try to order online because it cant be found in stores.

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