What's a sub-zero fridge?

mives714February 23, 2009

Stupid but I've never had one and don't know the difference between them and regular refrigerators. Thanks!

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"Sub-Zero" is a manufacturer/brand like "GE" or "Kitchen Aid"

Here is a link that might be useful: Sub-Zero

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Sub Zero is a brand of built-in refrigerators. Here is mine....the panels are being re-made they didn't fit.

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So there's no different technology, like food staying fresher longer, or anything like that? I always thought that was what it meant.

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SubZero was apparently the first to use two different compressors -- one for the fridge and one for the freezer, and the claim is that it keeps food fresher longer. Mine are Thermador columns -- separate units obviously have separate compressors, and they do seem to keep food better than the standard SXS we had before. Is that enough to justify doubling to quadrupling (or more) the cost of your fridge? Probably not in and of itself, but it is another rationalization for a lot of folks. I do love mine. I can't say they were essential to the keeping of decent food.

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I bought mine because it was true counter depth (24" With panels) and truly integrated (can't see any framing on doors or ventilation) and small (27"wide).

The fit and finish on the inside is very nice.

That said, if my kitchen weren't both tiny and completely open to living space would I spend $6000 instead of $1500?? If I had a normal sized, separate kitchen,probably not. I like it a lot but not 3x -4x as much.

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Some standard-depth fridges come with dual-compressors now-- for example, my Samsung.

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Not sure of your particular model but the Samsungs have dual evaporators the last time I looked not compressors. A little different from what I understand. There are more manufacturers out there now with dual compressors.

Manufacturers like SubZero also have a variety of sizes for fridges that are not available from any other manufacturer like the 27" TC series which has two drawers for freezers. If you are trying to maximize space in a small kitchen, these fridges can make the difference.

Good luck!

Good luck!

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I have a sub zero in one house and a KA in the other, both are french door, fridge and freezer, counter debth integrated. The difference between the KA and the SZ is significant in terms of easy food storage, freshness (we eat a lot of fresh fish and vegis and are suprised how long they now last). They're worth every penny.

I did think (after using the KA for a year) that it would be hard to surpass since I hadn't had a modern fridge for some time, but honestly for a couple grand more, if you can afford it, the sub zero easily pays it's way :)

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I had a Sub-Zero for a number of years. I bought it when there were very few refrigerator-freezers with a 24" depth and a bottom freezer. It worked well for the 20 or so years I owned it (and was still working when I sold the house). I was very pleased with it. However, although I had a good experience, they are reported to have a higher repair rate than a lot of brands. Also, I think they are overly expensive, and I would consider looking at many of the other comparable brands that have come out over the last several years that are comparable to, but less expensive than, the Sub-Zero.

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One reason SubZero has a higher rate of repair is that people repair them rather than just buying a new fridge.

A number of years ago SubZero had a manufacturing problem with some part, I think in the compressor. They made good on it and fixed them but it skewed their repair stats for the duration of the problem.

The latest models have an air filter which is supposed to clear the ethylene gas which makes produce go bad. People on the appliance forum have reported three week old broccoli remaining nice. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

I don't like the interiors of the new models as well as the old, and wanted intermediate sizes, so ended up buying Miele, but with SubZero you do get your money's worth. Part of that is that if you have a built-in fridge you want it to be able to be repaired in place rather than ripping up your kitchen.

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Thanks for the clarification, homepro!

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modern life interiors

right now subzero has a sketchy repair history and the fridge is still a fortune.
try liebherr refrigerator it does the same exact thing subzero does. You can get built-in or integrated. It is half the price and it is german engineered which means it last forever. More and more places are selling them.
Yes liebherr is considered a luxury product worldwide and now in the usa.
It has good resale value as well.

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Just a point here: Liebherr isn't really considered a luxury product in Europe. (I can't speak to its reputation worldwide because I haven't lived everywhere, and I'm not on the marketing team for the Liebherr company that would know its own product positioning all over the world in every market.) It is considered well engineered, well built, (two different things), etc., but not a "luxury" brand per se. (Nor is Miele for that matter.)

In Europe, my Liebherr 30" refrigerator sells for 1200 Euros - about 40% of the US price, according to current exchange rate. When Liebherr first entered the US market, they sold their units for about the same price they used back home. (The early adopters will tell fantastic tales of buying Liebherrs for around $1500 more or less...except they're not tales cuz their true.)

And then...Liebherr (or Almo, their NA distributing arm, I believe) figured out that Americans either CAN pay more (because we consume with the best of 'em) or WANT to pay more (because we equate quality with money spent). So they raised their prices 220%. Because they can.

Yes, Liebherr is considered an enormously solid brand, as is Miele. But is really isn't considered a "luxury" product. At all. I've never heard anyone - ever - discuss Liebherr that way when we lived in Europe (France, Belgium, and Germany).

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