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andrelaplume2May 20, 2012

My basement is painted white. We are NY Yankees fans. I was going to paint a wall Blue. My son suggested pinstriping the walls would be cool. I agreed but man I think thats alot of work.

I thought of buying strips of lattice, painting them blue and nailing them. The lattice is expensive and might look 'off' and be a bit of work if ever wanted to remove it.

For pinstriping I see they sell Frog Tape, Blue Hawk Blue tape and BLUE tape (3m?) at Lowes. First off which brand really does not allow seepage. Second, any tips...what are the odds on being successful? I'll have to tape up the stripes and apply 2 coats of paint...maybe long can the tape be left up before you naeed to rip it off...?

Finally...any other ideas? Hell, if the blue tape were more of a navy color I'd almost consider just using it for the strips...I wonder if it would start to peel off over time.....

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Here's how to get leak-free stripes

1 - paint the wall the base color
2 - apply the tape and press it down really tight.
3 - paint the edges of the tape with the BASE color ... so if it leaks under, it's the same color and it's invisible.

4 - Paint the exposed area the stripe color. If you do a dark over light, one coat should do it if you load the roller well and don't try to cover the whole wall with one roller-full of paint.

5 - Remove tape PROMPTLY (as soon as the paint is dry to the touch)

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The walls are already painted with the basecoat: white...have been for some time. I may try this on a spare piece of drywall. The key would be that I only need one coat for the stripe....the sripes will probably only be 2" wide...I wish there was a 2" wide roll of wallpaper in Nany I could just apply!

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