What do you want your children to know about you?

stephanie_in_gaOctober 5, 2008

I'm looking for a new line of discussion. Anyone else? LOL.

I want my children to know, of course, that I love them no matter what. And that I love them equally and uniquely.

But about ME... about YOU?

I want my children to know that I can be funny, not just the rule maker. There is more, but I keep typing and deleting. Seems I have to think about my own question for a while. Having trouble putting it in words.

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I think the thing I would like them to know, is that their happiness is my happiness. If they are not happy, I am not happy. No matter what they do or what happens in their lives, their happiness will always be important to me.

I don't think you can really, fully understand that, until you have your own children. Or is that just me ?

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Stephanie, I know what you mean. I want to be fun and spontaneous but sometimes it's so hard when she won't eat her vegetables, or doesn't clean her room, to give treats and not turn into the "Mommy Monster"!

Finding a balance between being the enforcer and friend. I feel so guilty so much of the time, I'm not doing enough, I could be doing more. It's really hard for me. This morning I thought I got out of the house before she woke up, but just as I left, here she comes out of her room "mommy mommmy" and my heart went two directions. Irritation (that I would be late to work yet again) and absolute love. Of course I had to spend a few minutes with her, getting her out of sleepymode and into the morning. I felt like I was abandoning her!

I want her to know that it's not my choice that I'm not with her every second of the day. That I love her so much and that being a Mommy doesn't come with a rulebook, we're just winging it and doing the best I can.

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I would want my children to know that I love them very much and have tried to do the right thing by them. I would want my daughter to know that when I got pregnant with her, it changed my life, for the better. I would want my son to know that I'm proud of the man he has become.

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I would want my kids to know that I love them, and always will. I want them to know that I always tried to do what was best for them, and that I always made the best choices that I knew how. I would want to them know that I will always help them in any way I can, and that they can come to me for anything.

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