Painter wants entire house choices soon. electricity isn't in!

threeapplesMay 20, 2012

We are building a home and the walls are primed and ready to paint. The painter is bugging me for colors, but I feel as though I can't possibly choose the colors without any of the electrical in. How on earth do I do this with no fixtures to see what the colors will look like with the lights on. Or, does that not matter? thanks!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

The painter will wait

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if i make him wait until lighting fixtures are in he will have to wait many months. is it normal to wait til after fixtures are in to do painting?

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threeapples ... If you know what "color temperature" your planned lighting is, you can pick paint colors now. Test them with similar lighting.

Usually walls are painted before all the cabinets and fixtures are installed because it's faster and cheaper than all the removing and masking.

And cabinets really need a good coat of paint behind them ecause drywall absorbs kitchen odors.

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i'm not sure what you mean about "color temperature", lazygardens. doesn't that depend on the light bulb chosen, as opposed to the fixture? thanks so much.

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Color temperature? light reflective value? How technical can we get here.
Choose your colors at a place that can help you do so. Yes, it will be easier to wait for the lighting but you can still get a good idea using sampling or the tools the store can offer you.
Be prepared to change or re-paint a room or 2 if your super color-critical.

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As a painter, I have never heard this before actually. The electrical fixtures are usually almost the last thing going in, so asking the painter to wait for colors until then isn't really realistic, unless of course you want to pay extra.

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threeapples ... yes, it's the bulbs, which depend on your choice of fixtures.

Are you planning fixtures that take incandescent, LED, halogen, or fluorescent? Some of those have a limited range of color temperature.

If you have samples of the flooring, cabinets, counter top material and bath fixtures and tile, you can do it. Just be careful about the undertones so you aren't trying to mix a pinkish beige and a greenish beige because they subtly but definitely look "wrong" together to most people.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Some builders do stupid things or allow stupid things to happen.

I worked on a house in Columbus this weekend, painting the garage doors for a friend. The walls have primer. Light fixtures are installed, all switch plate and outlet covers are installed and full kitchen is installed.


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If I showed up to paint a new construction, and all the electrical was in, the price would go from new construction to repaint prices in a flash.
Your general contractor must be 2nd rate or they would have helped you pick your paint colors before the foundation was poured.

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I don't agree with that. I think that seeing everything else come together gives you a sense of what you want in color. My painter just told me that he should be the last...While all the others are in doing their thing your walls will get smudged and he will be coming back....He can use drop cloths..but with that said, I don't think you need electrical to choose your paint....different walls where the light hits it at different times of the day should suffice.

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