ProMar 200 - Quality Paint?

workingondreamhouseMay 20, 2012

I asked our contractor for the highest quality Paint in an eggshell finish for an addition on an existing home- which he assured me he would use. The the painters (who do not speak english) show up with ProMar 200 in a satin finish for all of the interior walls. This does not appear to be a very high quality paint (compounded by lazy painters who appear to be using very little paint and are quite messy). I thought it was a primer, but apprently this is the finish coat of paint.

I'm trying to decide on what points to have it out with the GC - if I just focus on the lack of painting skills or the additional fact that they are using a low quality paint in the wrong finish. We used all BM Aura and Porter Silken Touch last fall when we had the existing house repainted (plaster walls). These went on nicely and look great. I am thoroughly unimpressed with the ProMar 200 - or perhaps just with the horrible job that the painters are doing.

Any opinions are appreciated!

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PM200 is in the middle of their line up. Just go to SW's website. Keep in mind that for some painters, PM200 is their highest quality.

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It's contractor-grade paint. I avoid it. It is useful as a high-hiding primer for good topcoats.
I wouldn't hesitate to use it for ceiling paint.

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promar series would be considered the upper-contractor standard. Good solid count when compared to other brands, but not the top of the line by any means.

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Yea, I don't know about this one. It's hard to ask a contractor to use the highest quality paint since every painter/contractor may define that differently. Spending more money on a paint doesn't always mean it's better either. Sherwin Williams has that product called Duration Home Interior and it's total crap. I would rather use ProMar 200 instead and it's much cheaper than Duration Home. Most people assume that painters will cheat and/or buy the cheapest paint they can for each job, but this just isn't always the case.

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