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kmallenMay 29, 2012

We just moved into this house and it needs a paint job. I'm looking to change the color and I'm thinking more tan/beige. I'm not in love with the brick color it is more of reddish/pink so I'm looking for something that will go well but doesn't make it stand out either. I definitely don't want a brown with a pinkish undertone. I'm thinking the porch and the trim a cream color. The front of the house faces South. I'm leaning toward

SW Sticks and Stones 7503 Pic 3&4

SW Stone Lion 7507 Pic 5&6

SW Tavern Taupe 7508 Pic 5&6

SW Sanderling 7513 Pics 7&8

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If you don't get responses here, try posting this on the Home Decorating forum. For my tastes - and I like beige - none of those colors look as good as the green. I would consider other shades of green since it is time to paint, but it looks pretty good as is.

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Hey there -- been working on a similar project and with the same challenges and likes. I've studied a paint wheel for months and have had swanky painters chime in. Here are my two cents -----

SW Sticks and Stones 7503 Pic 3&4 -- I like it, I also like 7502 as well.

SW Stone Lion 7507 Pic 5&6 -- Too light and a little washed-out (especially the far-away photo), perhaps this is too close to the mortar color and would make the brick more noticeable?

SW Tavern Taupe 7508 Pic 5&6 -- Too much pink, I've noticed this color casts more pink in non-daylight. Check this out on a cloudy day or in the shade and make sure you still like it. I love this shade but not with the brick, introduces a new tone (JMO).

SW Sanderling 7513 Pics 7&8 -- I like this too but I still see a little pink. I like 7514 more and a darker shade always draws the eye.

I'm no expert for sure. Are you thinking of keeping the white trim, if so -- with any of your greys (which are all really nice), I'd paint the porch white to tie that into the structure.

Best advice I can give for such a huge project is get four sheets of plywood or four painter's canvas (mounted on a surround) and four QUARTS of your final selections. Paint the wood or canvas palates your color selections and place them against the house/brick. Look at them in various light conditions, from the street, from the driveway, etc. Your final color will come to you. With all the concrete you have that is greyish too -- your final choice may be different than what you select when looking at a tiny swatch.

Anyway, Good luck and happy coloring -- let us know what you choose -- big job and difficult decision!

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Personally I love the green best!

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