Do you have Whitehaven sink in Sea Salt color?

quiltgirlFebruary 25, 2013

Has anyone seen the Whitehaven Kohler sink in the color Sea Salt? If so, does it look vintage or more antique then the White? I am also wondering if it will look good with cabinets painted Simply White by B.M.

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It's gorgeous in Sea Salt. The color is still very white but it has beautiful depth, kind of like the difference between a flat tile and a crackle finish tile.

I'm looking at Cane Sugar which is the Biscuit color but with the depth like Sea Salt. It really does make a difference but I recommend that you see it in person since it's such a large up charge. I think it's worth it, especially with the Whitehaven since you'll see so much of the apron.

Good luck!

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I have it in Sea Salt. It cost a bit more than plain white, but it has a beautiful depth to it.

My motto is to splurge on something if I will use it every day.

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But does it have a vintage appearance to it?

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I'm not sure.......have you seen it in person? I have seen quite a few floor models with the sea salt and cane sugar finish lately. The up-charge is an additional $300 on the Whitehaven at the stores where I've been shopping.

I wouldn't say that the finish makes it look necessarily vintage; just rich and yummy looking. The apron front should contribute to the vintage vibe your looking for.

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I just found the Shaw 3618 sink online at www. Quality for cheaper than the Whitehaven in Sea salt. Will have to check out the site and see how they rate in customer satisfaction. I love the Shaw apron sink too. It looks more vintage to me than the Whitehaven, but there is an upcharge for the installation into the cabinet by my cabinet maker of $200.

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Quiltgirl, did you decide on the Shaw or the Whitehaven?

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I got the Shaw 36" Apron Sink. I purchased it thru Quality Bath (online) and it was actually a little less than what the Whitehaven in Sea Salt would have been. It is sitting in the crate at the cabinetmakers.

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I'll be happy to hear how you like/love it when it's installed!

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