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tallytomatoeFebruary 11, 2013

Please help me place my appliances in this kitchen. I know the space is tight for an island (36" on all sides) but it is same space we have now so we know what we are getting. I think we are set on the fridge location (bottom of kitchen near entry to family room). Let me know where you think the best location for the double oven, stove and dishwasher would be. Move the sink if need be and let me know if the overall design needs modification.

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You need to post a larger close up of the kitchen. When I click on it it gets smaller.

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Here is a bigger picture of the kitchen.

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I should probably post more info. The house is being built in the country in N. Florida. To the right of the kitchen (two openings) is the living room and below it is the dinning room. Kitchen table will be place by the bay windows. The cabinets and the flooring will be oak (not sure of specs. yet). Appliances will be stainless steel and the bedroom to the left of kitchen is a mother-in-law suite.

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Is that 36" from countertop to countertop, or from cabinet to cabinet?

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The 36" is from countertop to countertop. As I said before I'm open to design changes. I know that you tpically want your sink close to the cook top but I do like it facing the bay windows. Maybe swap the dishwasher and the cook top locations?

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Have you considered moving your sink peninsula to attach to the stove wall? That way you could still face the windows and avoid having traffic between your stove and sink. If possible, you could also move the dining room doorway to the right. That would also help direct traffic away from the active cooking areas.

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Is that short wall to the right of the cooktop in your layout necessary? If not, how about something like this? (It's a quick & dirty layout, so everything is approximate.)

If you're set on the refrigerator location, then you need to either widen the doorway next to the refrigerator so the doors of the refrigerator stick out into the doorway OR put a 12" wide cabinet b/w the refrigerator and the wall. This is so you can open the door(s) of the refrigerator fully. This layout shows a wider doorway.

Also, keep in mind that counter-depth refrigerators are approx 30" deep when you count the doors & handles (and you need to count them since they both stick out into the aisle in front of the refrigerator.)

If the refrigerator is a true built-in refrigerator, then it will be pretty close to 25" or so deep. You also may not need the filler space.

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dearliza - I hadn't thought of moving the sink peninsula to the cooktop counter. I talked with my wife about it and she thought it flowed better as is. Gotta keep her happy!

Buehl - Thanks for the quick sketch up. I like where you put the cooktop and dishwasher. I also had not thought about clearance for the fridge doors. I'm open to moving it if it would work better in another location.

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Here's one with a 12" tall utility cabinet b/w the wall and the refrigerator.

With zones:

Note the island is only a secondary prep zone b/c it has no water and it's not very deep (things can easily be pushed off the back).

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