need help desperately - sw pro classic acrylic paint cracking

theotherboxMay 8, 2011

Problem: My newly refinished cabinet paint is cracking in two areas of my kitchen. I don't know what is causing it, or how to correct it. I'm in fear that it will happen to the rest of my kitchen. =( I'll take ANY advice!!

Story: In January 2011 - we purchased an 1970's home and did a complete renovation on the house. The kitchen cabinets were in great condition and are solid Birch so we decided to keep them. We currently have new cabinet doors being made.

Process: I've redone cabinets before, followed my same method to a perfect tee, and never had any problems. The cabinets were all sanded with 80 grit and then BIN Shellac Primer with Stain Blocker was applied. After they completed dried, I sprayed the cabinets with a $50 Wager sprayer for HD. The paint is Sherwin William Pro Classic in Semi-Gloss. The paint was thinned out a little with water...and I mean JUST A LITTLE.

I've noticed these hair line fractures on both sides of the cabinets when you are looking out the kitchen sink window. Also, in one other place...inside at the bottom of the kitchen island. I've inspected everywhere else and do not see any signs.

Solutions: I have NONE and can't find anything on the internet. The only thing I can consider is that I live in Houston where the humidity is pretty high, and think one possibility is that that wood is contracting and expanding. However, I've used this same technique on a previous house 20 minutes away and never saw anything like this and they have held up 3+ years.

Picture Before Renovation:

The problem area had decorative trim slats that ran up and down. Since these were stained and added on by the previous owners, they were removed and the original cabinet surface was exposed matching the rest of the cabinetry.

Picture After Renovation (Still unfinished):

Problem Area: Above the kitchen sink look out the window

Close Up of Cracking:

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I have those lines on a window frame. I believe it is called alligatoring, but I am not certain. Here is a link to the SW page on possible reasons for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sherwin Williams

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It looks like the film-build is pretty thick/rough/lumpy, especially where the flash is brightest (mid-left).

A sanded/smoothed/primed surface shouldn't look even HALF that rough! It looks to ME anyway, sorta like an orange-peel wall texture.

My diagnosis:
It's sprayed-on slightly too thick.
* OR...was your surface prior to priming that lumpy?!
* I noted that you took off glued-slats, and that some glue MAY have been a factor.
* BUT...since you sanded and used BIN, that shouldn't be a factor anymore.

Secondary...those cheap sprayers are nearly hopeless for a good cabinet finish.
There's a reason good sprayers cost a few-hundred $$$...
I'd roll on the next coat(s), and immediately lay-off with a good brush.

* You'll have to scrape off the existing paint IMO.
* When you do, note the backside of the chips. Does the primer come off too?


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It look like your cabinets are flexing and your primer is not
If you inspect it I would bet the cracking is through the primer to the birch.
I would guess you use a large spray tip and the shellac primer dried so fast that you just put it on too thick. Primers are design to stick and coverage is not important.
Next time use a fine finish tip 410 and put on light coats.
I am surprise you use a shellac primer. Next time use Cover stain and put on light coats
Nothing wrong with the topcoat

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Original thread is nearly THREE YEARS OLD here...
Issues are long-gone...

"Nothing wrong with the topcoat"?!?!?!
It looks like a chimpanzee painted that cracking topcoat panel!


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Yup, looks too thick ;)

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