Kitchen Paint Idea?? Ceiling question too

mrsdowfireMay 17, 2011

I will have to pick my kitchen paint color very soon and getting nervous. You enter my home 2 ways...from the front door into the entry way and dining room, I have Eddie Bauer Bungalow Gold and then you enter the kitchen from a doorway; also from the garage directly into the kitchen. I have a family room off the kitchen and it is painted Valspar Epic; This color is very similar to Olympic Earthy Cane. The half bath on the same floor is painted a cranberry color (not sure of the name).

Now for the kitchen I was either going to continue the family room color into the kitchen or paint it one of the following colors. Will anyone of these color work more than the other in complimenting colors I already have? Here are the colors I'm considering:

Sherwin Williams White Raisan #7685

Sherwin Williams Compatible Cream #6387

Behr Champagne Gold #ICC-93

Sherwin Williams Ivoire #6127

Sherwin Williams Blonde #6128

Sherwin Williams Believable Buff #6120 (after looking at this color once actually looks to be a lighter shade then the Epic color I have in my family room but with a bit of gold to it).

Based on what I have picked, how should I treat the ceiling? Paint it the lightest shade on the color samples of the color I chose? Thats what I did in the family room. There is a header between the FR and kitchen. I would imagine that it will be easier to paint the FR down the road than to repaint the kitchen so I need to get the kitchen right.

Also, I will have medium colored maple cabinets and we are restaining my oak floors (color not determined yet for floor).

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I've been procrastinating and need to get going on my own paint project, plus I'm not familiar with SW colors, so I'm not of much help...however, I can suggest that the Home Decorating Forum gets more traffic and is a great place for color questions if you haven't posted there already!

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