What to Pay a More Experienced Babysitter

mdevineOctober 27, 2005

My wife and I normally have high school age babysitters and pay them in the $7-8 range.

This time we will have a 24 year old 5th grade teacher watching our child for about 4 hours. 2 of those hours the child will be sleeping.

What do you think a fair rate would be for us to pay this more experienced babysitter? $10/hour???


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For one child, I pay $5 an hour to high schoolers.

College age kids are asking me for $10, so I only use them if there are no high school age kids available LOL

$10 is more than fair for low-maintenance babysitting like you're talking about (1 child only, child will be put to bed for half that time, etc).

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