OT: Honed Absolute Black

cluelessincoloradoFebruary 14, 2013

Seems to be many owners of AB here. Question about suitability in a bathroom and how you think the honed would fare. Family bath for four with two kids 11 and 8 and beauty products on the horizon... Lots of splashing. Thanks in advance! Have an opportunity for a great (cheap) remnant.

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I have honed absolute black in my laundry room.
it spots easily. and some things might leave a greasy ring , like from a bottle of laundry detergent.
just wiping it with water and drying it may not remove the ring.
I have found that the best thing for cleaning it is simple green .
Sometimes alcohol and water spray will clean it but not always.
I suspect you would grow to hate it because unless you went in there frequently and sprayed it with something like simple green, or alcohol and water and then dried it , it would always look dirty.

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Thank you chloe45. I have friends that had it in their heavily used kitchen and loved it, but wasn't sure if bathroom use would work well.

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I have it in my kitchen and LOVE it, but I'm sure that I would hate it in a bathroom.. It spots terribly and cups leave rings etc. - something that never happened with my old polished granite. I knew from research that it would happen and it's ok with me because I wipe down my heavily used kitchen counters a few times a day to clean crumbs, spills etc. and then they look great.
I do a quick swipe to clean up water splashes in the bathroom whenever I use the sink (it's marble), but I only break out the cleaner and do a complete vanity wipe down every few days or maybe even once a week.

I agree with chloe45 - unless you are prepared to clean it frequently, don't do it.

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We used a piece of honed AB as a saddle for our MB. The guy at the stoneyard enhanced/sealed it for us (with Tenax Ager Tiger) so it would be a better match for our charcoal-y black porcelain floor tile. It really seems to help the stone repel marks; water or otherwise (I step on it with bare feet, sometimes after applying moisturizing foot cream, and no grease marks at all). It's been very easy to clean, and so far is holding up well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tenax Ager Tiger

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Thank you kfhl and cat_mom. Sounds like sealer is imperative. If there weren't two children in the equation it would be an easier decision!

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