My slide-in stove is taller than the granite and other issues...

angier_2007February 18, 2008

I need advice on how to handle this. I am becoming more disappointed with my new granite countertops and I am not sure what I can expect the kitchen co. to do to fix the problems. The most bothersome is the slide-in range that stands 1/2" taller even with the legs off. Next is how the undermount sink looks. I thought that the counter would over hang the sink by a fraction of an inch but it doesn't it looks as if the sink opening is bigger than the sink. The silicone used to seal it is very visible. I have one long piece with the sink that runs the length of the wall and it is scribed very well with the wall. The other piece that comes out to make a breakfast bar isn't so good. It starts out okay and gradually comes farther away from the wall leaving about 1/2" gap. (no backsplash) Since reading about the penny test here I've tried that on the seams and I can feel the penny catching in some spots.

I've called and asked for someone to come out and look at the top. They will send someone but ... "they are not responsible for the stove, they went off the sink specs, aren't you putting up a back splash? and walls are wavy."

I have no experience with this kind of thing and do not have a designer or contractor to call. I would appreciate any feedback on what would be right and fair.

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I don't have granite, but I do have a slide in stove and the side lips sit on the counter. Is yours custom fitted or just a free standing stove?

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It is a slide-in that should sit on the counter but not supported by the counter. It's a glass-top with the controls on the front so it should look almost flush with the countertop.

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It sounds like the problem may actually be with your cabinets not your counters - are they lower than standard height? Granite is either 2 cm. or 3 cm. and if it's 2 cm., it should have a layer of plywood under it.

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No the cabinets are standard height. Part of my re-do was replacing the flooring. It was sheet vinyl. We layed ceramic tile up to the existing cabinets. So we had 1/4" hardiboard, mastic, and tile that added height. That was done before the template was made. My stove was not in the kitchen or asked about when templating. I was replacing laminate and a free-standing stove so wasn't aware of the issue of height.

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I have a free-standing, slide in range in my new kitchen. It's about 1/2" taller than the granite (which is 2 cm, I believe, and sits on plywood). It really isn't an issue when I'm preparing food.

I've linked a picture below - taken the day that the range was installed. It's hard to tell the height of smooth-top range vs. granite countertop, because both are black. But you may be able to see that there's 1/2" or so difference.


Here is a link that might be useful: New Range

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Not a simple fix for the slide in range to sit atop the granite. You raised the floor underneath the range, you should have raised the cabinets with plywood to compensate for the height of the new floor. As for the sink, sounds like it was cut wrong.

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Adding height to the flooring but not under the cabinets results in a shorter than standard height from the floor to the top of the countertop. Your range comes with specs, which you should have studied, and you should have known how adjustible the legs to it were, and taken that into consideration when planning your flooring. The only way to fix that now is to take out the flooring where the range sits and just never plan on moving it out to clean under it. This isn't a granite issue at all, so don't expect them to do anything on that front.

A 1/2" gap is unacceptible under any circumstances. 1/4", OK, but not 1/2". Yes, it's more difficult to both match the seam needed on one side and a back side when the back is wavy and not truly perpindicular. They should have erred on making it a bit too long and just cutting out the drywall to fit it in if there was a problem. They may or may not decide to work this out with you, and the chances they won't are increased with the amount of money you've already paid them. If you've paid them the whole thing, they're probably outta there, unless they are a truly reputable stone fabricator. And, a truly reputable stone fabricator wouldn't have left a 1/2" gap. If it was wrong, they would have done what it took to fix it on the day of the install.

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It sounds like the breakfast bar was poorly cut as well. IMO, no stone installer should assume you will have a backsplash that will cover their sloppiness. If they were able to cut the other piece so well, what happened to the breakfast bar? Did the same person template them both?

We won't have a backsplash either (at least for awhile) so that's something else I need to worry about! *sigh*

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I cannot comment on the range, but I dont think there is much excuse for the countertops not to be well scribed to the walls. I have an old house with really "wavy" walls, and even my just so-so installers did a great job of scribing it along each area.

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you are scaring me. I would NOT want a 1/2 gap either and hope I don't. I do understand why the range is up higher, the cement board and tile being installed under it.

I agree they cut the sink opening too large.

I'm sorry you are going thru all of this.

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If I understand the problems correctly, it appears that either your floor was not level, which could have been compensated when the cabinets were installed. The installer would have shimmed the cabinets to the correct heighth. Also, the graanite installer could have also shimmed the counter.

Also, the sink opening is miscut so that is the installer's problem.

The gap to the wall might be your wall, but not matter what, your granite fabricator/ installer could have cut into the sheetrock to make the counter sit back some OR the template was off. ANYWAY YOU LOOK AT IT, the granite does not fit, the install is wrong, no matter if your wall is not square or not. It was templated. Whoever did the template is at fault here on the size of the counter not covering the cabinets and not fitting properly.

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I know what you are dealing with in regard to the slide in range. Unfortunately, your granite is already installed because there would have been a fix. There are options, but I don't know if any will work for you.

We ran into the same issue in that our slide in was 1/2" too high for the counters. However, we noticed this by "dry fitting" the range in place before the granite was installed - that's how we found out or we would have been in your exact situation. Taking off our range legs was not an option b/c I didn't want the range scratching the floor if we had to pull it out, and I refused to get a lower range (I love my Bosch too much). Taking out the plywood piece under the range would not have allowed clearance for our warming drawer to open because the range would sit just below the floor. After much boo-hooing on my part, we decided to build up the counters by putting 3/4" plywood on top of the cabinets followed by the granite. By using 3/4" plywood instead of just the 1/2" allowed clearance for the doors/drawers to close tight when we add the matching cabinet trim to cover the plywood. And this brought our cabinets to the 36" height as was our range minimum. Had DH listened to me and put 1/2" plywood under the cabinets, this would not have happened.

The only fix I see is to have the counters removed and add plywood bringing the height up to the range. This will be done at your expense of course, b/c it's not a granite install error. Or see if you can find a range that's 1/2" shorter and return the other one (if it's new). Lastly, is to take out the plywood under the range, but make sure you can open the bottom drawer if you do that.

It is not acceptable to live with the range being 1/2" higher especially if it's the new slide in kind with no back. It will look ridiculous, IMO, since these ranges are suppose to be horizontally even (a small lip is okay) with the counters. That's the attractiveness of them - like one flat surface.

As for the sink, I can't reply about that.

I told you our story in hopes that it helps you in any way possible. I hope you are able to find a solution that works for you. Again, I've been there and know your frustration.

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There was another recent thread with a slide-in that was too tall. I'm looking at a Dacor slide in and they have a Planning Guide so that you know ahead of time how high the counters need to be. That should have been part of your design stage.

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I have the same problem. We studied, studied and studied the stove specs and thought we allowed for the tile, which we did for the backerboard, but not the tile itself, because it was such a thick, good tile. So, my slide-in sits a 1/4+ taller than the granite and I've noticed that it's actually higher in the front than the back, but ours was self installed because it is gas (my Dad worked and installed for the local gas company for years) and at this point, I couldn't ask for either Dad or DH to change anything now, it wasn't fun getting it in the spot in the first place. You don't notice the spacing difference because the countertop is dark and the stove top is black, unless your looking for it. And it doesn't bother me. Here's a picture that I think you can tell.

My sink looks pretty good. Sorry you're having so much trouble!!!!


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I'm so sorry! I don't have a solution, but something similar happened with our granite templating. There was a huge gap - I didn't measure it, but it might have been more than 1/2" - it was horrible. They screwed up. I also screwed up by never bringing it to the granite shop's attention, because I felt so stupid. My GC put shims and black caulk there, and we'll be doing a backsplash faster than we were planning to. I think the worst thing is how dumb you feel!

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cburch/Christy, do you not have leveler legs on your range so that you can level the unit? Assuming your floor is level, I'm pretty sure a pair of pliers could improve the tilt of your range. Also, talking to your Dad and DH about the range, do your home work and see what solutions are out there. If you find one that is doable, then reapproach DH and Dad when they're better rested. Sometimes things just fall into place when some of the stress is off our shoulders.

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I cant comment on the range, but as to sloppy granite, you should not stand for it. I hope the ctrs. are licensed, as in that case I would contact the proper licensing bureau if they do not rectify the problem. I had sloppy counters put in initially with all kinds of problems. I managed to get most of my money back and had them redone by someone else.

I guess I will comment on the range, if you can make it right, then do it. Even if it costs a little extra. You will be happier in the long run.

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My poor man solution was to get some weather stripping to surround the edges of the cooktop. The weather strip I got said it was a "Garage Door Bottom Wather Seal". I got the garage one because it had to be long enough to go around the perimeter of the cook top.

Anyway, I cut it so that the rubber end was about 3/4 inch tall. Luckily my slide in range had a gap around the edges where the "T" section of the strip would fit in. I tucked it into the gap with a flat head screw driver which made a nice fit. The 1/2 inch between the cook top and counter is now covered over by a water proof rubber seal and looks like it was meant to be there.

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Dear nomad--

Please post a picture if you can. I don't have my stove yet but I KNOW, given my lower counter height, that I will run into this. Thanks.

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I sure wish I had read this post sooner... and seeing that it's been her for a few years, shame on me! I have obtained so much help and advice in my new construction and especially my kitchen from this website. Everything was completed a couple weeks ago but the appliances on backorder. When the granite folks did the templating, I provided them with the template specs for my slide in range that was on order. So, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have a 1/4 inch gap. the problem with mine is that the bottom edge of the glass that overlaps the countertop is sharp. So, wiping the counter will likely cut my hand if I rub up against it. And, I agree with the other posts that there is no excuse and this is unacceptable to have such a gap. The legs might be able to come off - I'm not capable of doing that myself. I have porcelain tile with heat underneath so removing tile is not an option either... due to the wires. I have contacted the builder to see if he can come look and do whatever is needed. I truly believe that I did everything right. The builder knew what type of stove I was getting, as did the granite folks and the cabinet folks. I have had nothing but trouble with the flooring guy so I won't go there. The one positive I can say is that he DID lay the tile very even and level. Perhaps the adjustible legs could be removed and strips of felt attached to the bottom of the stove. Sigh... But on a side note - thanks to everyone who posted kitchen cabinet feedback in the other sections of this website. You really did help me create a beautiful kitchen space! Fingers crossed for the stove episode, I wonder how these others turned out in the end?

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I've had to grind the pads off the feet and invert them to make slide-ins fit properly. It's a mild PIA, but not that big a deal.

The feet or shims must bear the weight, not the flange. Big trouble otherwise.

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