agmss15October 11, 2013

I grew a few plants that a friend gave me. I have a couple of small bulbs. I have no idea what to do with them.

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Yum, I love the stuff. I mash it with potatoes, maybe 75% potato and 25% celeriac, it gives a lightly celery-ish flavor to the potatoes.

I add it to soups and have roasted it, but roasted wasn't my favorite. I've also shredded it and added it to coleslaw, that was good.

You can eat it raw, dipped like celery, and it makes a nice "cream of" soup.

I have some in my backyard here in town, I need to dig one and see what's under there!


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A plain celeriac puree is delicious with pork or chicken. Whaz it up with seasoning and some cream.

Shred it raw and make a remoulade sauce I mix mayo with some creme fraiche, add chopped capers and gherkins, mustard, herbs and season. Celeri remoulade.

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