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Whit461February 5, 2013

The house has old plaster walls with an orange peel finish. We want to leave it where we can. As a part of the remodel of our kitchen, we will be doing some kind of tile for a backsplash. Is there any reason I have to remove the plaster to get a flat surface for the tile? I am hoping I can simply trowel over it and the tile will still lay flat with the mortar under it.

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If the plaster is in good shape, that should work fine. As you suspected, the thinset will cover up the orange peel no problem.

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Plaster comes loose. I would never tile over plaster, because I know it WILL come loose, sooner or later.

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Get a 4' level and check things out here. Flat is what is important. And the integrity of the surface that will be covered in tile. If it's not flat, it needs to be made that way. If the plaster is loose, it needs to be removed and made structurally sound.

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